Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shanna Moakler's SMOAK Cosmetics

By Laura Medina

Shanna Moakler with her own blush brush

Growing up, Shanna Moakler's mom told her twelve years-old daughter to start taking care of her face while her daughter watched her mom putting on makeup.

Shanna holding a tube of mineral sheer tint

Then, the twelve years-old grew up to win the Miss USA crown, went on to become a celebrity and a model. Now, Shanna Moakler is dabbling with her own professional-grade yet gentle cosmetic line.

Shanna dispense makeup advice for the novice, the intermediary, and the advanced.

As a thirty-five years-old mother of three, Shanna created a highly effective, edited line of professionally-graded yet organic makeup that eases problems with products that are easy to pick and use.

Oh, don't forget-fun to play with and wear.

A customer enjoying Shanna bringing out her cheekbones.

As a busy mother, she prefers the clean, wholesome look with an emphasis on a clean, healthy skin that she finds easy to achieve and wear.

All a woman needs is a good foundation/moisturizer, mascara, healthy cheeks, and rosy lips.

Shanna's mineral tint foundation provides coverage, moisturizer, and sun protection. A three-in-one.

For a more polished appearance with ease, she suggests using her Photo Finish Mineral Foundation with a brush attached to the cap for a smoother look.

Bringing out a woman's cheekbones with a glow, she suggests using two shades in two different textures from her mineral blush line.

Contour the cheekbones in mineral matte blush in a slightly darker shade then highlight the apples of the cheeks in shimmering mineral satin blush.

Shanna developed three varieties of mascara. Hypoallergenic sensitive mascara for contact wearers such as herself. High Definition mascara for blending adhesive lashes with natural lashes; and Volume mascara is the most durable one, won't smudge off.
Since her collection is mineral based, it's gentle enough for a nap but protective enough with Sun Protection Factor.
Then, Shanna tops off the healthy look with either her coconut-flavored lip gloss or/and lip tint for a potent but pretty pout.
Now, you can appear deceptively wholesome while running a hectic schedule.

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