Friday, May 25, 2018

NYLON Magazine's Young Hollywood Party 2018

By Laura Medina

NYLON Magazine's Young Hollywood is a bellwether of a current crop of the leading light of that year's rising stars who impacts popular culture in what is trendy of that year or era or decade, almost a fancy yearbook of very young adult celebrities.

Looking back on NYLON Magazine's Young Hollywood's issues and parties, obviously it reflects what's important for that year's or that era's most important, whether it be people or talent.

Last Tuesday night's NYLON Magazine's Young Hollywood party definitely reflects what is important for it's May issue edition,

Sure, it spotlights the hottest in social media talent and the usual actor or singer, but this focuses on activists who are challenging the norm and the establishment set on destroying on what most take for granted.

According to NYLON,...

"Gen X is known for the cynicism borne out of seeing Wall Street collapse in the late ‘80s, and for the slacker ethos that defined the spirit of the grunge-infused early ‘90s. Millennials, meanwhile, are defined by the rise in technology, and the instability of a post-9/11 world, one which was soon plunged into a recession. They are, then, ultra-communicative and wary of institutions; permanence is an elusive concept, so why not focus on self-care in the form of buying face masks instead of a home?
And then there’s Generation Z. What will define them? A few answers spring to mind, none of them very optimistic: gun violence, environmental threats, the degradation of women’s rights, an assault on marginalized communities.
And yet, what’s remarkable about Gen Z is that, despite coming of age in politically fraught times, these troubles are not what define them. Instead of being defined by the world around it, Gen Z is comprised of people defining the world—and its future. Gen Z is known for being idealistic, but it’s not an abstract idealism. They know they need to put in the work. They’ve seen the dangers of apathy, they recognize the perils of a population that participates in its own silencing, and so they speak up.
Gen Z is about movement and action; it is full of self-starters and iconoclasts. It is no coincidence that Gen Z grew up seeing that the motto of the leader of the free world was: hope.
Gen Z took that hope to heart, and is now transforming that word into deeds."
Yep, NYLON Magazine's May Young Hollywood Issue honors 25 Gen-Zers who are rocking society and their Young Hollywood party guests reflect that, last Tuesday night.
In other words, NYLON Magazine's Young Hollywood party reflects what's important among tweens and twenties...
It was a Night of One Thousand and One of Gen-Z social influencers and a galaxy of rising stars.  Here are the one that Gen-X, Millennials, and Baby Boomers can recognize...
Brie Larson and...
Harley Quin Smith represent the traditional rising actresses in Hollywood...
ABC's "Blackish" Allen Maldonado is traditional Young Hollywood.
Bravo's "Shahs of Sunset" Golnesa Gharachedaghi aka GG represent one 
of the new type of Hollywood celebrities...

Along with the cast of Bravo's "Vanderpump Rules," the tv reality stars...

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