Monday, May 7, 2018

Let Firefly Do All the Cooking on Mother's Day for a Mother's Day Brunch Buffet.

By Laura Medina

Want to really thank mom, of any age?

Try to make it easier on her by taking her out to Mother's Day brunch at Firefly in Studio City,

It's an all-you-can-eat $38 library of brunch.  Yes, Firefly turn their library lounge into a brunch smorgasbord.

Way ten times better than any ordinary simple Scandinavian open-faced sandwiches (what Americans call "half a sandwich"), Firefly's $38 brunch buffet is a blow-out value of eating, selecting, and picking whatever, whichever, and whenever you want.  You have Scandinavian moms having their eyes popping out at the array of quality and variety, that they too, what an American brunch buffet for their Mother's Day.

Mom is an human being.  So, it's naturally for her to suffer an hangover from the week days and nights then sacrificing her Saturdays for you.

It's acceptable to start Sunday late with a Bloody Mary, the original veggie smoothie.

Firefly lets you have your Bloody Mary your way.

You can customize your Bloody/Virgin Mary by picking one of the three bases: Mild, Classic, or Spicy.  Then, you can go hog wild and build the "Mary" of your imaginations.

This scribe created a "liquid breakfast/brunch Mary" adding on an hard boiled egg, stone crab claw, and bacon strip.

It's absolutely healthy because it's mostly lycopene (bright red carotene and carotenoid pigment and phytochemical found in tomatoes).  Think of Bloody Marys as the original vegetable smoothie. 

Your Bloody Mary of your dreams is just a mere appetizer to whet your appetite and quench your thirst.

This why brunch buffet is magical.

All these quality breakfast and lunch meals (brunch is a combination of those two meals at a reasonable hour) is magically created by Firefly's executive chef Chad Mandel and created with then arranged and serve by the staff.

Each and every food group neatly organized.

Mom ain't slaving over an hot stove on her day.

Never allow your mom to sweat out the details on her day.

Buffet beats out smorgasbord and there's more to a buffet.

Firefly has a meat craving station of beef brisket, leg of lamb, and pork.

If there's wasn't enough protein and remember, a protein diet fills you in without filling you outward. Firefly has an omelets chef who tosses in whatever you desire then flip and fluff it for you...and mom.

There's more to brunch than Bloody Marys.

There are mimosas.

Mimosas are champagne cocktails mixed with fruit juice...aaahhh...

Usually mixed with orange juice (because it's everyday grocery item), mimosas can be done and mixed with any fruit juice.

At Firefly, they have a mimosas bar for any combination.

Firefly add lemon juice to their freshly squeezed strawberry and passion fruit nectar to make it less sweet.

If you're mom's chauffeur, you can ask for the mocktail version of Georgia Peach and Island Breeze.  By doing so, you'll get an extra boost of vitamin C.

Let mom off the hook and let her get buzzed.  She earned her relaxation. 

For the vegan mom, there are stewed and crisped veggies in the brunch buffet bar.

There's also a crudites or fancy-cut fresh vegetables and avocado toasts among the bread and toast bar.

For the New York mom, she can get a taste of home at the Bagel Bar with tons of cream cheese to smear and a platter of smoked salmon lox.

For the pescatarian/collagen mom, she can load on that youthful skin protein at Firefly's seafood bar of moist, plump shrimp cocktail, stone crab claws, and ceviche.  

There's also poached salmon filet at the brunch buffet bar.

This is the first course, this scribe protein-loading on all different types of protein.

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