Monday, May 21, 2018

Don't Forget, There is Always LA Times' Night Market during the Month of May.

By Laura Medina

Now that we're getting off the afterglow of the historical Duke & Duchess of Sussex's marriage, returning to Earth doesn't have to be "Debbie Downer."

The month of May, here in Los Angeles, is LA Times' Foodie Month and the week leading up to the royal wedding was also the same week at LA Times' Night Market, which happens each year, unlike royal weddings.

LA Times' own the month of May as "LA Food Bowl," honoring and showcasing the state's darn good reputation as the world's fruit and vegetable bowl as they're being put to use in the city's multi-culture cuisines.

Their week-long Night Market is a foodie party and festival for all.  If you're interested in sampling Los Angeles' wide-ranging cuisines, authentic alongside the innovative, don't worry, Night Market will still be at all three-blocks of Grand Park during the same time in the month of May, every year.

Schedule your calendar for a foodie do-over, next year and every year with LA Times' Food Bowl, the month of May.

To manage this cornucopia of good food, the roving fining dining feast, Outstanding in the Field highlights the cuisine of the year then giving it the royal treatment it deserves.  This year's Outstanding in the Field's feast's highlighting is the misunderstood and misaligned Filipino Cuisine, one of the world's earliest fusion cuisine before the New Orlean's Creole and way before it became 21st Century innovation.  It's fusion because the Philippines has always been a trading post due to it's Pacific Ocean position.

Outstanding in the Field Filipino Feast at the Grand Park kitchen, which will have a trio of chefs from two very small and very popular Filipino eateries - Charles Olalia of Ricebar and Chase and Chad Valencia of Lasa (Tagalog for "taste") was on Wednesday, May 16th.

Disrespected Filipino cuisine is finally get the respect it deserves.

With food and cuisines so massive that it takes one whole week to digest it all-what a feast!-that each night of Night Market is dedicated to one particular food.

Thursday, May 17th was "Doughnut Night" dedicated to the doughnuts in the City of Angels:  Doughnut Lovers Paradise at Doughnut Town, which will have activations from Blue Star Donuts, DK Donuts, Dreamy Creations, Glazed Donut Bar, and Monarch Donuts.

Friday night, May 18th was dedicated to Fried Chicken, featuring tastings from South City Fried Chicken, Dante Fried Chicken, Poppy + Rose, Daddy's Chicken Shack.  Yes, Angelenos do love fried chicken.  Remember, this is Los Angeles, not Hollywood.

Saturday, May 19th spotlight yummy tastings from Cousins Maine Lobster, Locol, Dang Brother Pizza, Dreamy Creations, 3 Wheel Cafe, Blast Ice Cream and many more. The night will also, feature live music from Very Be Careful, the longtime LA-based cumbia band, and DJ Scott Dallavo accompanied by Todd Simon on trumpet.

Blast Ice Cream Truck, was an hit because it's made from scratch ice cream made with liquid nitrogen, pouring it inside a mixing bowl then let it whip.

Pushing technology further, they use a blow torch to flambe a cup of So Much S'Mores by roasting a coating of marshmallow cream, insulating a cup of vanilla ice cream from the flames.  Flambing the marshmallow cream caramelizes the sugar into a crunchy crust, juxtaposing against the cool creamy of the ice cream.

Basically, their So Much S'More is a quick and easy Baked Alaska.

That's not all.  Making Molecular gastronomy down-to-earth for daily application for daily consumption, especially for a sweaty, hot Summer, is Blast Ice Cream Truck's biggest achievement, using high tech for the fresh, most unique daily treats.

Here's one food vendor who will always be at Night Market,  Lobsterdamus,

Super duper exclusive, only found at Smorgasburg, on the fringes of ever-pushing the envelope of industrial dock of Downtown Los Angeles, the West Coast's idea of Brooklyn,   Lobsterdamus has been a consistent hit at Night Market since 2014.

Fans in the know, charge straight to Lobsterdamus tent for their classic innovations of: Lobster Garlic Noodles, Lobster Fries, and Lobster Tater Tots.  Lobster!

LA Times' Food Bowl Month, the Month of May and their Night Market week will still be there each and every year, unlike a royal wedding.

No Fear of Missing Out and always a do-over.

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