Wednesday, May 16, 2018

In Time of Prince Harry's & Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding, 681st in line of the British Throne, India Hicks Gets Real About Being an Aristocrat as a Lifestyle & Heritage as Brand.

By Laura Medina

Yes, India Hicks is Earl Mountbatten of Burma's granddaughter.  Yes, she is a second cousin to The Prince of Wales, who is also her godfather.  But, she knows she's best known for being one of Princess Diana's bridesmaid at age twelve on that historical day.

Since then, India Hicks learned you can't live on your family's past or history up to today.  You have to be relevant.

Yes, her family access, heritage, history, perks, privilege, and patrician looks did gave her a foothold in modeling for Ralph Lauren and J. Crew.  That's just a beginning to India Hicks, the lifestyle brand.

She's open enough to state it took her a long time to become a lifestyle brand.

Whatever money she had from her family and modeling all went into her Bahamian home, from there she refurbished and created plantation style guest houses and a hotel.  Her first personal lifestyle foray was her boutique, Sugar Mill, selling the Caribbean lifestyle of linen, houseware, clothes, and travel items, which led her to hosting Bravo's "Top Design."

It took her twenty-something years to finally establish her own lifestyle brand but she got it.  

Now, she's willing to help other women entrepreneurs become their own lifestyle brands by dispensing her own journey and advice.  

India Hicks tells you the truth about it means to be a modern-day lady aristocrat.  You can't marry a duke, like her grandfather wanted to.  But, you can use your "story," your background, your upbringing, your education,  and your experience, then inject drive, interest, and ambition to make you into a lifestyle brand.

She warns ya,' you can't be half-ass backwards about it.  Sometimes, you need help, from asking a neighbor to baby-sit your kids to hiring tech savvy people to help manager your site.

India Hicks is what being a modern-day lady is.

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