Thursday, May 3, 2018

Chris Stamp x IKEA for Your First Apartment; CB2 x Fred Segal for Your First Home; Brandless for Your First Adult Everything,Quality All The Time.

By Laura Medina

You're a fledgling who had flown out your parents' coop and ready to make your own nest in an apartment or you're newly established who had outgrown your first nest and ready to upgrade into a real condo or real home, no matter if it's a cute Victorian cottage or a MidCentury/Googie/Atomic Age fixer-upper bungalow.

You arrive to breathe fresh air into those places.

Let's get you settle at every step of the way, into each stage of life.

IKEA X Chris Stamp: SPÄNST,, is today's Gen-Z's first furniture for their first apartment, based on their skateboards since that and bikes, are the only transportation they can carry over from junior high to high school from college onto their first adult stage.

Whether it be first apartment or first home, these new collection for emerging adults are new furniture made for investing in quality and seamless transition, and not as "ageist"/ age discrimination as it sounds.

These new furniture and homeware are new but still instill quality material and construction with a non-disposal ethos that adapts to lifestyles and situations...and budget that appeals to the urban and resort lifestyle for anyone in any age.

The Baby Boomer Loft artist/designer/architect and the Gen-X/ Millennial skater designers, and Gen-Z skaters will find common ground in IKEA X Chris Stamp: SPÄNST,, a mobile, utilitarian chic, multi-purpose, minimalistic furniture line that fits anywhere in a studio loft or plain studio...

The desk is so minimal that it serves as both a DJ deck and a plain office desk.

Ergonomic chair that is so simple yet fits so well to how people really sit.


Simple first lounge chair and sofa, or after the divorce furniture.

Transparent mesh wire closet and shelf closet so you can see and coordinate your daily wardrobe.

Plain clothing rack with shelf for anything, from pajama and bathroom with towels and slippers to clothes and shoes or jackets and boots.

Skateboard and/or shoe rack.

Transparent boxes for shoes and whatever...

Light bulbs as lamps any way, anywhere.

Blankets with IKEA's and Chris's studio longitude and latitude.

Since it's gallery quality as it is studio quality, a minimal Baby Boomer, downsizing, can use this collection as much as the Gen-Zer.

Ok, finally outgrown your apartment or upgrading into a real condo or your first home, cottage or bungalow.

If so, you mostly likely got a mortgage or you're lucky to save money on a really small home with the same square footage as your last and past apartment but with a front yard and a back yard with a pool.
Or, you're fortunate enough to have the option of having an Atomic Age home that brings the outdoor, indoor.

Either and any way, you still want and need multi-use quality furniture.

CB2 x Fred Segal collaboration thought ahead.

They designed an office desk to double as a dining table then they designed MidCentury office chairs to be comfortable yet minimalist dining/kitchen chairs, comfortable enough to sink your lower back as you sip your morning coffee/tea/juice.

Okay! It's time to get some real furniture. Let the fun begin...

Or for your jewelry and makeup...

Lucky enough to have a pool?  Why not upgrade pool lounge into the living room or move the living room poolside.  Save money.  Save space.  Double the use.  Double the money.

The pillowy white, canvas poolside lounge chairs and sofas are feminine enough to turn your mere bedroom into boudoir lounge space.

If you still insist on having a living room, these two piece, curved sofas can neatly fit into a corner, more living room or curved into a corner for a boudoir.  No matter where you put them or how you use them, you can split them apart and put a coffee table or a side table in-between these sofas.

You can put the large coffee table out front or insert a smaller table in-between whatever furniture you got.

The pineapple side table is cool enough to be the main coffee table.

If you still insist on double-duty minimalism, your daybed is a grownup futon then couch.  This scribe really fell in love with coffee table/ottoman with tray.  The studio way of being a grownup. That's what this scribe shouts, "All Mine!"

Actually, CB2 x Fred Segal is more this scribe's league, sorry kiddos.

Whether you're getting settled into your studio/loft apartment as a first time Gen-Zer or rebounding Baby Boomer or a Millennial or a Gen-Xer establishing a household in an home, with a mortgage, you have problems settling for less, buying mawkish basics at the dollar store, that's so cheap that you are wasting money but can't stomach paying big bucks at a gourmet shop.

Brandless believes you can't sacrifice quality to be cheap; and you have to bust the bank for quality.  They firmly believes you can have the best of the both world, affordable quality basic that can stand up for daily use on stuff you eat and use everyday, like pizza cutter, coffee mugs, and plates.

Proud of your first apartment or home?

With Cinco de Mayo fast approaching, order the very affordable $15 taco bundle or you want to celebrate your home warming party with a chic and simple snack and cold cut platter or what foodies call "charcuterie," yummy bits of cookies, crackers, spread, and cheese and fancy nuts on one big platter board.

You can easily accomplish this for $20 and less with everything $3 Brandless and these are way fresher and safer than food at the dollar store...and cleaner and safer.

Really want to impress your apartment-dwelling at your house warming fete?

Give them $3 gift bags to stash those overflowing leftovers with your taco party or charcuterie board.

This is how y'all live today.

You have quality while still having money.

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