Monday, February 19, 2018

Bobby Lytes of VH1's "Love and Hip Hop Miami's" Valentine, It Must Be Mr. Chow's Lychee Martini Talking.

By Laura Medina

It was Bobby Lytes, of VH1's "Love and Hip Hop Miami," who suggests his cast members get a real lunch at Beverly Hills' Mr. Chow.

It turned to be a real feast and one of the best and most authentic Valentine's Day because, according to fellow cast member, Prince Michael, they practice "reverse pretentiousness," enjoying something for what it is, no matter how pretentious or how unpretentious, because that's what makes a place specially unique.

For Bobby, he wanted to experience the most established and the more legendary Mr. Chow Beverly Hills, the full restaurant than the more recent Mr. Chow, that's an hotel restaurant.  Bobby quipped that there is something different about experiencing and tasting a full-on restaurant versus one that's an hotel restaurant, a different ambience, a different atmosphere.

Of course, there's that legendary Lychee Martini...

He really wanted to try the Won Ton Soup but he wound up sopping that Chicken Satay special sauce.

Other than doing the Hollywood rigmarole of networking, meeting press, and doing events, Miamian Bobby Lytes really wanted to try real, authentic Mexican cuisine.  Once he found out that this scribe is also a foodie and booze writer, his taste buds perked up.

This interview wound up being an advisory travel tips for Bobby.

He was really impressed by this foodie's version of Canterbury Tale, because this scrumptious scribe sampled Mexican appetizers to dessert.  Bobby, this article is for you, for the next time you visit the City of Angels again.

He really desired visiting Universal Studio and Citywalk.

After admitting that Van Nuys and Studio City reminds him of home, his local Miami neighborhoods, this scribe added that Studio City is home to CBS Radford Studios, where they film VH1's "Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party,"

Since he's dying to visit Universal Studios, this scribe added that he should visit Snoop Dogg's favorite Chinese restaurant, where their chef appeared on his cooking/talk show, making Snoop's favorite Orange Chicken dish, with a big bowl of white sugar and orange juice.

Bobby Lytes proved to this scribe's Valentine's.

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