Friday, February 23, 2018

Towards the Finishing Line, Winter Olympic Grooming Aids.

By Laura Medina

Here are some dabs and do's to polish up during the Winter Olympics.  Like mentioned many times before, good enough for the extreme Winter Olympians, great for us mere mortals.

If those who never like the smell of the original Yu Be Cream, they came out with a new flavor/smell, Yu-Be Advanced Formula Pure Hydration Cream Tube w/ Chamomile Extract.

Yu-Be Advanced Formula Pure Hydration Cream with Chamomile Extract is a concentrated moisturizer with a uniquely high glycerin content achieved through a special manufacturing process in Japan. Based on the original “Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream” (invented in 1957 by pharmacist Yoshikiyo Nowatari) we have carefully removed the camphor and parabens while still keeping the powerful hydrating qualities everyone has come to expect from Yu-Be. You will find this new “Advanced Formula” to be highly effective for extremely dry skin anywhere on the body from head to toe, including the face and lips.
– Powerful moisturizing properties fight rough, dry or extremely dry skin areas anywhere on the body including: hands, feet,
cuticles, callused skin, face and lips.
– Concentrated glycerin acts as a humectant to attract and retain moisture in dry skin for maximum hydration.
– Formula absorbs quickly and stays locked in to help replenish lost moisture… “A little dab of Yu-Be goes a long way”.
It's Paraben Free, Unscented (NO CAMPHOR), Alcohol Free, Artificial Fragrance Free, Petrolatum / Mineral Oil Free, and Free of Animal-Derived Ingredients.
That annoying flaky, chapped lip, especially you're on tv and you have way more important things to worry about.  But, it's those little things that build up.
The woman who started the lip scrub movement, is around long enough to provide multiple flavors, that keep your puckers soft and smooth as you scrub away.
If life is a bed of roses, then Trilogy is it.  This rose-based skincare line is meant for dry, sensitive skin in cold places.
Winter Olympics skincare round-up.

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