Monday, February 19, 2018

"Love and Hip Hop Miami" Nightlife King, Prince Michael Keeps It Real & Offers Both Insider Miami & LA Tips While Chowing Down at Mr. Chow Beverly Hills.

By Laura Medina

"Love and Hip Hop Miami's" Bobby Lytes and Christopher "Prince" Michael Harty made a pilgrimage to Beverly Hills' Mr. Chow, because according to Bobby, "The Mr. Chow in Miami is in an hotel. It's a different ambiance, a different atmosphere."

If you all want to get along with Christopher "Prince" Michael Harty, just call him, "Prince."  That's the name he goes by, not his full name.

They want to experience Mr. Chow in a full-blown restaurant in the heart of Beverly Hills.  They got good taste.

Since they were in town for only a few days, they try to pack in as much fun and experience as they can.  This is why they feasted for lunch at Mr. Chow, Beverly Hills.

Since we're feasting, the discussion and interview can't help but turn to food, their favorite LA spots and neighborhoods and their insider Miami tips for Los Angelenos wanting the real Miami experience.

Even Mr. Chow's Gamblers Duck is so tender that the meat falls off the bone.  He's not crazy about it as he is about the Glazed Pawns with Candied Walnuts.  That's his 

favorite Mr. Chow dish, the Glazed Prawns with Candied Walnuts.  He calls them "magnificent."

"My palette is magically blessed."

Those Glazed Prawns with the Candied Walnuts, he calls them "phenomenal." 

Prince Michael, "They're all mine."

Mr. Chow Noodles was everyone's universal favorite, goes well with everything.

Actually, Prince Michael never ate at Mr. Chow in Miami.  Back home and when at home, he 
patronizes the local mom and pops establishments.

For all you vacationing Angelenos, Prince Micheal tells you how to actually drop it likes it's hot in Hot Miami.  Being the "anti-tourist."

Now, this is where he offers the real deal local insider tips for those who really want a real taste of Miami...

He patronizes them because they're local, fresh, authentic, and flavorful, not so franchised.  Uniquely Miami.

His favorite local haunt is Puerto Sagua Restaurant, on 7th St. and Collins (It's located at 700 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, actually).  He's there two to three times every week back home.

As the "Prince" of Miami's night life, he suggested that LA hotties and hipsters check out Mr. Jones on Tuesdays, where they drop it like it's hot, pumping open format, dropping a little bit of hip hop.  That's where he hosted a couple of out-of-town friends, where they hip Patron Tequila, Hennessy Cognac.  Then, they got loose with Grey Goose.  They're still a really nice on Fridays.

Don't forget on Thursday, they have Las Vegas -caliber DJs and A-list hip hop artists.  Miami is where they want to go away to the beach.

Now, we're going deep.  If y'all really want to be insiders, Prince Michael recommends Tootsie's Cabaret Strip Club because the food is amazing,

His jaw dropped when he realized you can get the best lemon-pepper chicken wings in a strip club. Hidden gems.

At Tootsies Cabaret, they have Shrimp & Grits (good for this Charleston girl), and lobsters.  Their surf and turf are amazing.

If Tootsies Cabaret is a better Hooters, G5ive Lounge in North Miami,  is an insider upscale, gentlemen's club with a cuisine that matches. 

Prince Michael recommends you go there on "Two Dollars Tuesday," the best deal in town. That's where and when you get $2 shots of Patron and Hennessy all night and you get the upscale fine dining from a five-star chef.  What they call "Chef Love."  Here's the deal  You also get $2 real drinks, not those watered-down touristy Wet Willies, all night long.

Don't forget, as much fun as they are, the cast of VH1's "Love and Hip Hop Miami," are here in Los Angeles for work...and play.

As Miami's "Nightlife Prince," Prince Michael plans to throw a series of parties with hip hop royalties, this weekend, with: Trey Songz, Fabolous, Gucci Mane, and P. Diddy.  

Prince Michael knows when you're striking when the iron is sizzling hot, his LA weekend will be hectic as it is successful.  He'll try to squeeze in some workouts during the day then enjoying Hollywood at night.

This is where he practices "reverse pretentiousness."

Back home in Miami, it's work as the "Prince of the Nightlife," worrying about image and being professional.  But here in LA, he's almost like a Los Angeleno local.  Running Runyon Canyon, breathing in that mountain air.  Chowing down at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles, a reverse insider tip for visitors wanting a taste of real LA.

As a veteran LA visitor who's been to LA forty-two times, Prince Michael can be considered a semi-LA local.  Since so many of his Miami friends had moved here, he can't helped but be a semi-local who enjoys no more than hanging with his friends.

Here's his local LA routine.  Jogging Runyon Canyon with friends.  Hit the local dispensaries, it's legal in LA now but not in Miami.  For him, it's about enjoying the scene, live in the moment.  Believe it or not, he loves hitting the rinks. Prince Michael is a phenomenal skater. He can skate sideways, back ways, spins, and turns, then air-jump.
He goes bowling.  He loves going to the Beverly Center. 

Yes, he enjoys a place for what it is, not what it is not.

Yeah, he enjoys the pretentiousness of Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills but that is what it is and he enjoys that upscale treat, as much as he enjoys Mr. Chow's Glazed Pawns with Candied Walnuts.

He likes that the Hollywood clubs play good, loud music.  He loves that beat-thumping bass resonating through his body. 

For him, in his perspective, as "The Prince of Nightlife," Miami is so fast-paced, worrying about what's he's wearing and what he's doing, enjoying Los Angele's natural scenery, the mountains, the hills, the breeze, and the now legalized dispensaries, it's his get-away, a place to chill.  Even when he's chilling in those Hollywood night clubs, that image is gone.  He gets loose, not so constrained as he is in Miami.  Here in LA or Hollywood, he just lets loose.

Because in Miami, it's work, providing the experience for other people, a Millennial concern, focus, and career.

Whenever he's in LA, he gives himself that experience that he gives other people in Miami.

The best advice for anyone who wants to experience the best and the deepest of any city, whether it be LA or Miami, is do what Prince Michael does, practice "Reverse Pretentiousness," keep it chill then you'll experience and enjoy what is unique and best in each city.


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