Thursday, October 5, 2017

Will.I.Am, Joe Jonas, & Fritz and the Tantrums, All Shop and Hang Out Then Celebrate at Westfield Century City Mall.

By Laura Medina

Don't let the other tabloids and magazines fool you, celebrities are locals too...actually L.A. locals.  Before they hit it big and after they hit it big, they're still locals, who still shop and dine at their favorite stores and restaurants, whether they're unpopular or flying under the radar.  It's Century City Mall, not those independent boutiques on trendy residential streets where parking is frustratingly difficult to find

Will.I.Am said he used to shop the mall before it was Westfield.  As a struggling teenager and unknown, he used to use the shops as aspiration and inspiration.  Now as a celebrity, he can support these stores and still take his dates here for a movie and a date.

When he was a teen heart throb with his Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas used to hang out at the mall, of course as a teenager.  Now, he and his band are performing for the grand re-opening with it's all new uniquely Los Angeleno stores and amenities.  The new Westfield Century City Mall evolves with him. 

Nicole from Fritz and the Tantrums always and still shop the mall, where she bought her grand reopening outfit, the day before her band's celebration at the mall's grand reopening, sans stylist.

Mayor Eric Garcetti also calls Westfield Century City Mall, his local mall.

The mall's general manager proudly emphasized the mall's Uber lounge, along with their traditional valet lounge.  

Mayor Garcetti is proud that Mario Batali decided to make Westfield Century City Mall, the West Coast home for his Eataly Italian food emporium.

Not only that, Mayor Garcetti was brimming with pride that singularly L.A. icons are calling Westfield Century City Mall, their second homes, Randy Donuts, Compartes Chocolates, and other iconic LA institutions are all under one roof, instead of loyal Los Angelenos driving all over the place, for their favorite local cravings.

Remember, this is where real Hollywood shops and dine and snack.

Hollywood repaid the gratitude by throwing a big bash concert...

Joe Jonas's DNCE threw a free concert...

Fritz and the Tantrums are very much a LA band and here, they're returning the love back to their favorite mall.

Here's Nicole's outfit that she bought, herself, at the mall, the day before, for her grand reopening performance.

The truth be told, Westfield Century City Mall is Beverly Hills' guilty treat secret.  This is their mall.  So, it was no surprise that established Beverly Hills baby boomers went nuts for The Village People, bringing back their glory youth.

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