Monday, October 16, 2017

John Varvatos with Vintage Trouble Kick Off South Coast Plaza's 50th Anniversary for Charity.

By Laura Medina

When rock n' roll couturier, John Varvatos, was starting to brainstorm ideas for this current Fall/Winter 2017 collection a year ago, it was political and cultural season of angst. 

During 2016 American Presidential elections, John Varvatos sensed that the country was heading down the wrong direction. 

Always the couture provocateur that makes you think, John Varvatos' muse, for Fall/Winter 2017, was a rock n' roller who shakes things up, speak up, and make real changes in this country.

So, he and his design team start discussing this "Rebel Spirit," that is representative in the very wild as it is exquisite leopard print leather motorcycle jacket.  The old rebel reinvented for this early 21st century for the new rebels to shake things up for this 21st century, out of the establishment.

He told his design team, he really wanted to feel "Wild at Heart."  That's representative in his Fall/Winter 2017's signature print, the Leopard Spots print, seen in the Lynx Motorcycle Jacket and the Leopard print leather trench coat.

This carries over onto his current brand spokes model, British rocker, Machine Gun Kelly.  John Varvatos picked him because he's a rebel with a heart of gold.

Since the chills and the freeze of Fall and Winter approaching, can't think of a better time to borrow from the boys.

A rock n' roll army of tweed blazers, classic black fur coats, the timeless motorcycle jacket and coats meets equally classic leopard prints mingle for the new century, it's "borrow from the boys" interchangeable wardrobe for the mom, sister, girlfriend, and wife.  Double the style, half the couple's budget.

This light-weight striped V-neck cardigan can double on a female torso, paired with real and faux leather yoga pants, can be pulled off without skipping a beat.

Androgny is a practical cost-busting wardrobe option, mixing both female and male dressing.  Such as this pairing above, taking the unisex striped V-neck cardigan underneath the timeless black fur coast.  It is, also, a space-saver.

Being a godfather who puts where his "Rebel Heart" is, John Varvatos (coming from designing for Ralph Lauren) sponsors up and coming rock bands and singers and raises funds for charities such as:
For the sharp-eyed and for fashion marketing/publicists wanna-bes, outfitting worthy young bands while promoting them at charity events, is a sure bang for your advertising buck.

For up & coming bands, they happily accept the godfather-ship.

It's been a long time coming for singer/actor Ty Taylor, from  Carnegie Mellon University drama and music Broadway performer to Rockstar:INXS to landing into his niche, as Vintage Trouble's charismatic lead singer, a throwback mix to the soul of Sam Cooke ignited by the fire of Jimi Hendrix.

Finding his niche as Vintage Trouble's lead singer, Ty Taylor was happy to headline John Varvatos' charity fashion show at South Coast Plaza's 50th Anniversary.

He remembers, not so long ago, that he would save up a whole year to half a year, saving up for a John Varvatos sale.  Joking, it would be for half a belt, in cotton.  

Now as John Varvatos' Fall/Winter 2017 band, he and Vintage Trouble are so grateful for his patronage, that Ty Taylor, not only literally jive and groove on the catwalk/concert stage, he literally catwalk dive into the crowd then crowd surfed back to the catwalk, proudly flying that rock n' roll flag.

He got his jived on, dancing and grooving with this scribe.

Why Vintage Trouble this time?

Because being the rock n' roll groupie who's astute on taking society's pulse, John Varvatos picked Vintage Trouble worthy of supporting and representing his company's attitude, values, and swagger.

Vintage Trouble reinvents incendiary, transgressive as progressive rock/soul from artists like Ike & Tina Turner, Little Richard, and Chuck Berry, and Jimi Hendrix for the 21st century Gen-Xers, Millennials, and Gen-Zers.

A John Varvatos charity show doesn't disappoint.  The fashion show was just a teaser.  The real party kicks off with what's truly in his heart, the rock concert for rockers.  Then, the cocktail party with cocktails, mocktails (the juice people are more than happy to sneak in some vodka, gin, or champagne into your organic juice), mini burger sliders and cups of French fries finishes off the party.

John Varvatos is a Rebel Heart with an heart of gold.

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