Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Don't Flush, It's not Acne. It's Rhofade, Rosacea Calm Cream.

By Laura Medina

Since acne is more well-known, poor rosacea suffers really suffer using acne or oily products when it has nothing to do with oil sebum glands.  It's blood vessels on the face reacting.

It's a condition where puses (usually mistaken for acne) occurs on top of thick flushing, where the nose is bumpy, inflamed, and red, and the eyelids are red and swollen.

According to Beyoncé's makeup-artist, Sir John, he applied makeup to all ethnicities all over the globe with a wide spectrum of shades, who suffer from rosacea.

Since you need good skincare as a canvas to apply makeup, he's supporting Rhofade, the first facial cream to constrict facial blood vessels.  The swollen facial blood vessels are what creates the symptoms of rosacea.

Like good acne treatments, Rhofade bumps up a person's self-esteem when Rhofade constricts the facial blood vessels.

Rosacea has nothing to with oil glands with dirt and pollutants sticking.

It's more internal.

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