Monday, October 23, 2017

School Spirits, a New Potential Trio of Ghostbusters.

By Laura Medina

Supernatural Thriller-Comedy, School Spirits

There's a new girl in town with super smarts, who moved there with a not-so-sharp dad, starting a new page for him, while his daughter, Zoey Slade, played by Tiffany Alvord, is trying to find a niche in this new, strange town.

What a difference from Chicago, this Midwestern small town is full of quirky people, from the gawky, nerd next door to Zoey's new found friends, who happen to be burgeoning ghost busters, a.k.a. paranormal investigators with help from their departed ghost high school music director, Ned.  He's the one of many spirits haunting the high school and this town but he's the perennially helpful spirit guidance counselor to Zoey's new pals and ghost hunters, Morgan Walker (Teala Dunn) and Tare Freeman played by Piper Curda.

Among the mainstream and the popular kids, this trio is a quirky mix of misfits, but among ghosts, spirits, and paranormal investigators, these kids are next generation of sharp and tough and inquisitive minds stepping up to the plate.

The technically-skilled Zoey made her own electro-magnetic spirit box for the gang while Morgan brings the old-school spirit of burning incense to battle hostile spirits.

Of course, the fall carnival comes to town, trouble follows.

When several of their classmates disappeared, the trio went into an investigative quest then battle head-on to save their classmates.

This is a new kind of school spirit off the playing field.


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