Friday, June 23, 2017

Forget Happy Hour, It's Lillet Aperitif Hour at Isabel Marant.

By Laura Medina

Spring has sprung at Isabel Marant in the discreet Melrose Place, shopping district, not the fictional apartment complex.

The inventor/innovator of the ultra-comfortable and hip wedge sneaker, this scribe is happy that she finally has a shop of her own.  Currently at her shop, it's red and white prints for Summer then a retro-Nineties Grunge and cozy wool, white sweaters with flannel and plaid, and a "Think" pullover sweater.

Her and Lillet Aperitif celebrate Summer with a "Sip & Shop," perfect timing to get a fresh, new Summer wardrobe, get a jump leap on Fall/Winter preview before anyone else, and enjoy Lillet Aperitif with fresh, ripe strawberries.

Lillet Rosé
Lillet Roseberry
In the serving glass, place
  • 5cl of Lillet Rosé
  • 10 cl of Schweppes Wild Berry
Glass: Highball
Decoration: Strawberry slices
Preparation: Pour 5cl of Lillet Rosé into a glass full of ice. Add 10 cl of Schweppes Wild Berry and decorate with a few strawberry slices.

Real model food, bite-sized, portion-controlled, but pack full of protein and flavor.
Mini avocado toasts, fresh fig on crackers, and a dollop of salad in lettuce leaves.  Easy to serve and easy to save calories but collagen and antioxidant rich.

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