Friday, June 16, 2017

Delta Flying at a new Altitude.

By Laura Medina

Thanks to embarrassing incidents in customer services in planes, Delta saw this as an opportunity to start anew.

From Zac Posen's new Delta uniform designs for flight attendants to customer service agents, it's all about flying attitudes into an higher altitude.

The flight attendants raved about Zac's new strain-resistant and wrinkle-free fabrics in Mad Men-inspired tailoring that are flattering enough to improve self-esteem and less worry, enough to focus on the work.

The women attendants love their new purses with plenty of interior pockets and their carry-on luggage.

It's not just the employees who get a new wardrobe.

For passengers fly long trips to Australia or/and China from the States, the crew will toss them new, comfortable loungewear/sleep wear for them to relax.  Yes, they make cool, functional souvenirs.

Yes, yes, foodie-focused Millennials and Gen-Xers are the new business class.

They revamped their menu to satisfy these hip and educated tastes.

Seasonal Delta One Menu, such as turkey brioche sandwich, Murray's Cheese plate of four varieties of cheese, a Godiva chocolate caramel square, flatbread crackers, and almonds, will be on Flight Fuel Menu Research. Speaking of almonds, they start serving heated nuts with KIND Bars, Olive Oil & Sea Salt Pretzels, and more almonds.  Don't worry, they're keeping their signature Biscoff cookies.

Comfort and Main Cabins will have complimentary meals on a few long haul domestic markets, Los Angeles to and from Boston, D.C. to JFK.

The hired a master sommelier, Andrea Robinson.  They'll serve sparkling wine for all North American flights with Andrea's seasonal wine program.

Don't sweet tooths, ice cream just got regional.  Select Asian flights will have Ben & Jerry's, Magnum, and Haagen-Dazs.  Jeni's Ice Cream is available for all domestic flights.  Folks flying from Delta's in Atlanta will snacking on Honeysuckle Gelato.

Lucky Delta One and Delta Premium Select Customers will be lucky enough to have a Tumi Amenity Kit with Kiehl's lip balm, grapefruit Deluxe Hand and Aloe Vera/Oatmeal Body Lotion.

For everyone else, Delta will pipe in Delta Spotlight Artist playlist.

Well, it's like what they say, when you encounter customer service issues, it's time to renew and refresh.

Delta flying to new altitudes.

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