Wednesday, January 25, 2017

"Younger" Young At Heart Style for Rising Empowered Women, Thanks to Galina Sobolev, Dalia McPhee & Amanda Uprichard for Women Who Paid Their Dues.

By Laura Medina

Both Single Dress by Galina Sobolev.

After sacrificing style, preference, and fun fashion for draconian office decorum slaving away as somebody's assistant, once established, the newly established power women finally earned the money and the freedom to dress how they want to dress.

These ladies know it's time they set their sight on style because the red carpet is clamoring for them, after all these years toiling away in the backdrop.

These select insightful designers know that.  This is why they specifically set up shop to tailor, drape, and design fashion-forward clothes for forward women...with real money.

Single by Galina Sobolev (now on works, socializes, plays, and watch in West Hollywood, observing the rising established power women then listens to how they have nothing to wear.

Galina Sobolev solves that.

She designs and engineers figure-flattering contemporary fashion in advanced fabrics that wraps and warps along a woman's God-given curves, rather than fights against it that one finds in fast-fashion targeted at the Junior market.

This scribe wore her black-piped, keyhole-warp top, in white, at Moby's music festival, modeling Kat Von D.'s lipsticks...

Galina's royal blue keyhole, warp jumpsuit was so nice, that this scribe wore it twice, from a chef's cooking demonstration to an organic beauty conference then to an awards show...

Another fashion designer setting her sights on the rising power woman is Delia McPhee and her gowns and dresses in "magical crepe."

Delia's creations may appear "skinny," but don't allow good construction and tailoring fool you.  Let Delia McPhee fool them.

Her creations are sewn in "magical crepe" that gives, hugs, and moves with and along a woman's natural curves, without constricting them or working against the curves.  By boosting and highlighting what is naturally good about a woman's figure, a natural figure looks better with ease, not awkwardness.

She knows that it's the rising showrunner women and women producers who needs high-fashion cocktail attire and eveningwear that fits their lifestyles and new rank in life.
Another real-world contemporary woman constructing contemporary clothing for fast-forward, fashion-forward women is the unsung Amanda Uprichard.

If "Sex and the City" was alive and a well today, Samantha Jones and Carrie Bradshaw would be wearing and incorporating Amanda Uprichard pieces.

Contemporary clothing isn't mutually exclusive to today's minus size 0 juniors and tweens.  Real quality contemporary clothes in quality fabric and in tailoring cost money.  Today's rising power women have cold, hard cash with money to burn...and few outlets catering to them...

This is where Galina Sobolev, Delia McPhee, and Amanda Uprichard come in...

This scribe first discovered Amanda Uprichard at the II Brunettes in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina (Charleston's answer to Los Angeles to Downtown Charleston's Manhattan).  This scribe was quite taken by the fabrication and styling then impressed by the fit and comfort accommodating the bust then the fit at the waist then freedom at the hips.  It was like discovering Juice Couture for grown women with money.

This scribe has been a fan of Amanda Uprichard ever since.

Still to this day Amanda Uprichard has grown and morph along with her core "Sex and the City" women, from struggling, wandering girls to established ladies who jet-set.

Being established and being empowered never means you lost your femininity.

Quite the opposite, you finally gained the freedom to dress however you want to dress (damn everyone else).  You have the reason to dress up in fantasy gowns.  Most importantly, you have the money to financially support the fashion industry.

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