Thursday, January 26, 2017

Kicking the "Granola" Image to the Curb, All-Natural Beauty is Glam and Luxurious.

By Laura Medina

For those who think beauty is frivolous, shallow, and superficial, you all have another thing coming.

Set foot at today's organic/all-natural beauty convention or expo, there is a lot of science incorporating internal wellness being connected to the external appearance, where the external is the reflection of the internal.  Ask Gwyneth Paltrow...or Angela Lindvall, the supermodel who dumped modeling for greater goods as a wellness advocate.

Busting the mold that models are ditzy and vapid, Angela led a deep, meaning lecture on her journey from being a dirty tomboy from Missouri, where her mom went from being a medical technologist and massage therapist, to being one of hundreds of lonely but adventurous teenaged models roaming the Big Apple.

Angela isn't afraid to state that taking older teens, between the ages of 15 to 18, out of school to model is wrong.

She was honest to say that the day she became pregnant was the day she switched back to what her mom was doing organic living and coaching, using chemistry and biology.

After Angela's lecture, a troupe of leading organic beauty entrepreneurs tossing around chemistry terminology like nobody else, "phthalates," "parabens."

What happens when these wellness/beauty/health advocates put thoughts and words into action?

The Indio Beauty Expo, where organic/all-natural is both glamorous, luxurious,...and a classic.

Yes, there is a Lauren B. She is for real.  Actually, she's a mani/pedi-loving niece of Philip B., yes, that luxurious hair and body brand.  He's for real, too.

Truth be told, they're a niece and uncle team.

Obviously, he came first with his hair and body brand.  She followed in his footsteps, learning the business along the way, but her passion are nails.

Lauren B. took her uncle's approach that natural can be luxurious and classy then translated to nails.

She didn't end there.  Lauren B. wants her all-natural nail polishes and hand creams to be both luxurious and practical for the glam women who live glamorous yet busy lives.

Her nail polishes are all-natural as they are fast-drying, hint, hint.  Whole Foods usually carry her nail care line.

Way before this scribe was scribing about style in any ways possible and just before blogging, Julie Hewett Cosmetics was just released at the dearly departed Palmetto on Montana.

After 17 years later, this scribe has a reason to wear Julie Hewett, rich in healing Camellia Oil and rich in pigmentation.

Julie Hewett may had brought back vintage Hollywood Glamour, at the same time as Dita von Teese, but there's function behind the look.

Julie Hewett's pots of Cheekies for both cheeks and lips are just right for both moisturizing dry cheeks and chap lips during winter, while adding a radiant flush to make you look alive.

Her secret is 100% Organic Camellia Oil. It moisturizes, softens wrinkles, improves complexion, heals scars, and protects your skin from harsh external elements such as UV rays. Camellia Oil is a natural anti-oxidant containing vitamins, A,B,C,E, K & P with minerals, P, Za, Ca, Fe, Mn, and Mg. It also helps prevent sunburn, freckles, age spots and wrinkles as it contains natural sun protection.

She was both retro glam and all-natural before it become mainstream.

Thanks to chemical and extraction technology, it's easier now to be naturally beautiful while being functionally, daily beautiful.

Organic beauty isn't "granola" anymore.

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