Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The New Bathroom Classic, Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer.

By Laura Medina



Busted after the holidays but your dry, sensitive skin isn't listening?  Craving something luxurious and effective on the affordable?

Here's is this scribe's latest and current favorite, on the affordable and the quick.

Curél® HYDRA THERAPY WET SKIN MOISTURIZER is activated by water on freshly-showered skin and penetrates deeply into the skin’s surface to heal dryness, for soft, healthy skin.

After showering, your pores are open, providing an easy pathway for moisture to absorb into just-showered skin. Curél® HYDRATHERAPY WET SKIN MOISTURIZER, with Advanced Ceramide Complex, penetrates deeply into the skin's surface bringing moisture to the source of dryness. It absorbs immediately and with continued use will end your dry skin.

Ceramides, naturally present in healthy skin, are vital building blocks to maintaining skin’s moisture barrier. When ceramides are lost, skin becomes dry and damaged. Curél® HYDRA THERAPY WET SKIN MOISTURIZER, with Advanced Ceramide Complex, penetrates to the source of dryness, helping to replenish skin's ceramide levels and repair the moisture barrier.
  • Water activated moisture works deep into skin’s surface
  • Helps repair moisture barrier
  • Contains our proprietary Advanced Ceramide Complex
  • Immediately Absorbs
  • Completely Greaseless
  • Skin feels 3x more hydrated instantly
  • Fragrance Free
  • Dermatologist Recommended
  • Received the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance™
After a quick shower or a long soak in the hot tub, just soothe on this lotion, soaking wet then watch it soak in.  No rubbery nubs.

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