Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Watch Out! Miranda Spigener-Sapon of MS Film PR Literary, is the Multi-Media Discoverer & Impresario of Talent & TV Series.

By Laura Medina

What started as an independent short movie as a independent film-maker, has bloomed into an emerging television series; and that film-maker has grown into an emerging producer/writer/publicist, "Force Majeure," Miranda Spigener-Sapon.  Industry publications call her, "the next Shonda Rhimes."

This recent Golden Globe Week was ripe with the debuts of the sci-fi/noir/spy thriller, "Marisa Romanov," by Ms. Spigener-Sapon's production arm, Noirtainment,; and her new client representation of the rising talent, Bobby Ashley of "The Ave."

Millennial's answer to Spike Lee, Bobby Ashley's Brooklyn-centric, "The Ave." is having  Amazon, Verizon FIOS on Demand, FUBU APP and air/streaming its completed first season while he officially debut the first episode of the second season at Noirtainment's Golden Globe premiere party for both his "The Ave. " and "Marisa Romanov."

Helping out the local businesses in Brooklyn, Bobby Ashley and "The Ave." cast members debuted and modeled Brooklyn-graffiti parkas and leather motorcycle jackets, representing Brooklyn art and culture to the greater world.

Being in Los Angeles during Golden Globe Week is a big deal for them.

That's not all.  The previous night, MS Film PR Literary's other shining talents, Andy Mizrahi (one of's Sexiest Man and Most Swipe-Right Man on Tinder) and "Trust" (America's Answer to Harry Potter) by Jodi Baker did a Question & Answer about women writers and women in publishing and the media.

As one of People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, Andy was an attentive gentleman and moderator among the women panel.

Jodi Baker, as a story-teller, spun tales of her becoming a fantasy writer, being raised in New York and being a museum docent/tour guide, where being aware of a multitude of cultures and history from all over the globe, helped her fleshed out the saga of "Trust."

Golden Globe Week was a constellation fresh stars rising on the horizon.

Keep your eyes out on Miranda Spigener-Sapon's discoveries. 

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