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Golden Globes Beauty 2017 where both tv & movie stars converge, up all night.

By Laura Medina

Dr. Jart Night Beauty Balm

Thanks to technology, television and movie stars and starlets partied up all night at the Golden Globes then they managed to straight pass out without worrying about wrinkles or clogged pores.

Dr. Jart Night Beauty Balm is a pioneering foundation that have beneficial properties that help your complexion while you sleep.

Encapsulated breathable colorants inside a moisturizing gel create a transparent, bare skin effect that can be left on all evening or overnight—without causing skin problems. Brightening and anti-wrinkle boosters deliver multiaction skincare, while the mild formula is sunscreen-free for nightime use.

Adenosine and Peptide: Contain antiaging benefits and supports natural collagen.
Moringa Seed Extract: Nourishes and moisturizes.
Vitamin Tree Fruit: Brightens.
Inositol (Vitamin B Complex): Moisturizes and improves skintone.

Inspired by Sophie Tucker's minimalist, structural Louis Vuitton gown, Charlotte Tilbury used flesh-toned nude makeup palette on her at the Golden Globes...

Natural Pink Tones
Reese Witherspoon, Emma Stone, and Hailee Steinfeld were some celebs kept their look soft and sweet with all-natural pink hues. Recreate this trend with Palladio’s Velvet Matte Lip Color ($7) in Sateen, and for those naturally pink cheeks, try the Matte Blush ($7.50) in berry pink. Add the Silk FX Eyeshadow Palette ($12) in A La Mode to for subtle sparkly lids.

Statement Lips, Bold Brows,  and Natural Texture
Priyanka Chopra and Kerry Washington were bold and beautiful last night with their deep lips, statement brows, and natural hair. You can recreate this look with Palladio’s Dreamy Matte Lipstick ($7.50) in Darling Damask, and for the boldest of brows try the Brow Obsessed Mousse ($8) in medium/dark brown. To get their sleek, natural textured hair, try Keratin Complex’s Infusion Replenisher ($29), a hydrating styling cream that revitalizes hair and gives a silky and shiny finish. Finish off the look with the Flex Flow ($25) hairspray for a light hold.

Vintage Curls
There was no shortage of vintage Hollywood glamour on the red carpet. Leading ladies including Brie Larson, Kristen Bell and Gina Rodriguez complemented their designer couture by opting for large curls to complete their look. Get the look by using Keratin Complex’s line of keratin-infused products and styling tools including Transformer Interchangeable Styling Rod ($169)to sculpt and define your Hollywood curls, then add volume with the Vita Volume ($25) boosting foam and use the Flex Flow ($25) hairspray to complete the look.

Gregory Russell styles Lily Collins for the Golden Globe Awards 2017 
For tonight’s 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Lily Collins’ hair made a modern princess statement. 
Inspiration: Gregory was inspired by Lily's beautiful beaded Zuhair Murad gown to create a voluminous textured updo with braided details
·        To start, apply a golf ball sized amount of John Frieda Luxurious Volume Perfectly Full Mousse on the roots for lasting volume, and then another golf ball sized amount to the lengths of the hair for body
·        Then, brush through and begin blowing the hair out with a multi-bristle brush and setting the “mohawk” section on velcro rollers securing each with a duckbill clip
·        Once cooled, start curling hair with a 1.25" barrel, spraying each section with John Frieda Luxurious Volume Forever Full Hairspray before curling
·        Then, curl the mohawk section away from the face and fasten each curl with a duckbill clip
·        While the hair cools, spray the roots with the new John Frieda Luxurious Volume Volume Refresh Dry Shampoo to add lift and texture
·        Next, remove the clips, brush out and section out 1" of the perimeter of the hair all the way around the head
·        Add a pearl sized amount of John Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Weapon Touch-up Creme to the remaining hair and secure it with a bungee hair tie at the crown of the head
·        Then, work through the lengths to define and pin the curls up to create a voluminous messy bun
·        Take selected pieces from the perimeter and pin back, leaving some wispy face framing pieces out
·        Braid the remaining hair into a fishtail pulling it slightly apart for texture and shape. Fasten it around the bun with hair pins
·        Finally, spray John Frieda Luxurious Volume Forever Full Hairspray to lock in the style

Craig Gangi styles Anna Kendrick for the Golden Globe Awards 2017

On tonight’s Golden Globes red carpet, Anna Kendrick’s hair says polished elegance.
Inspiration: The Grecian Vionnet gown inspired Craig to give Anna a more polished, sleek look that would show off the one-shoulder silhouette
·        To prep the hair for the sleek style, use the new John Frieda Frizz Ease Daily Nourishment Shampoo and Conditioner
·        Next, apply John Frieda Frizz Ease Straight Fixation Styling Creme on damp hair and then blowout the hair straight
·        Use a rat-tail comb to create an extreme side-part and pull the hair behind the ears. For extra smoothness, flat iron the top of the hair from roots to mid-length
·        Then, without sectioning off the hair, start wrapping the hair around a 2” curl barrel to create an elegant wave. Secure the look with John Frieda Luxurious Volume Forever Full Hairspray  
·        To prevent an flyaways and frizz, finish by applying John Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Weapon Touch-up Creme on the hands and combing through the hair

Lucky celebrities, they get to use innovative beauty products before we mere mortals see them hit the shelves.  Once the Golden Globes are over, it's time to physical launch Infusium's new Repair + Renew Line...

Infusium is excited to celebrate this year’s Golden Globes with Julia Louis-Dreyfus AND Connie Britton, donning their next generation of Infusium products that transform hair heath with every use.

Renowned celebrity stylist, Matthew Monson (@matthewmonzon), worked his magic for Best Actress in a Comedy nominee, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ effortlessly chic look, while Connie Britton’s gorgeous style was created by celebrity stylist, Enzo Angileri (@enzoangileri). Both stylists used Infusium to ensure these ladies hair stayed healthy during and even after their struts on the red-carpet.

  • For Julia Louis Dreyfus’ look tonight I wanted her hair to look soft, shiny and stunning.
  • First, I washed and conditioned her hair with the Infusium Repair + Renew Shampoo and Conditioner.
  • Next, to protect her hair from any damage, I sprayed Infusium Repair + Renew Leave-In Treatment from mid shaft through the ends combing through with a wide toothcomb.
  • Then I took a quarter size amount of Infusium Repair + Renew Leave-In Crème emulsified in my hands, and worked through the last 3 inches of the hair to help eliminate frizz and flyaways.
  • I started drying her hair using just my hands, and lifting her strands for texture and root volume. After it was half way dry, I incorporated a round brush to finish and create even more volume.
  • To keep with Julia’s signature style, I created a strong center part with a tailcomb. Then separated her hair into large sections, and starting curling using a large barrel iron for a more tousled feeling.
  • To finish the look, I used the Infusium Repair + Renew Smoothing Serum to smooth over the ends and give a bit more definition to the hair.

  • I wanted Connie’s style to look elegant, shiny and smooth.
  • I started by washing and conditioning her hair with the Infusium Repair + Renew Shampoo and Conditioner.
  • While her hair was still wet, I parted the hair down the middle and then sprayed Infusium Repair + Renew Leave-In Treatment to the ends of her hair.  
  • Then I sectioned her hair into about 20 sections and starting drying with a round brush. After, I pinned each section up like a roller and let it set for about 5 minutes for volume and natural wave. I took out the pins and brushed her hair so the waves would loosen. 
  • Starting from the back of the head, I used a 1.5 inch curling iron and began curling the hair to accentuate the soft waves. 
  • When finished, I lightly brushed it out again for that natural look. I applied the Infusium Repair + Renew Smoothing Serum at the top of her head, near her part to avoid fly aways!

Repair + Renew Shampoo
Infused with Keratin and Argan Oil, this formula gently cleanses fragile strands.

·       For busy women who've been unkind to their hair -- damaging it with daily heat styling, regular color processing and harsh environments.

·       With every wash! For optimum sheen and smoothness, follow with Infusium™ Repair + Renew Conditioner, and Original Leave-in Treatment.

·       Massage into wet hair, lather and rinse well.

Available in-stores at Target starting end of January

Repair + Renew Conditioner
Infused with Keratin and Argan Oil, this formula helps rebuild hair strength and repair damaged strands from root to tip.

·       Use after a lather and rinse from Infusium™ Repair + Renew Shampoo.

·       Apply liberally into clean, wet hair. Leave for 3 minutes, and rinse thoroughly.

Available in-stores at Target starting end of January

Repair + Renew Leave-In Treatment
This formula coats hair with lightweight conditioners to help mend split ends, tame flyaways, enhance shine and improve hair manageability throughout the day and night.

·       Infusium’s fastest, most convenient way to protect and maintain hair health.

·       Use daily for total damage recovery, or whenever hair needs an extra boost.

·       Spray on wet or dry hair, and style as usual -- no need to rinse.

Available in-stores at Target starting end of January

Repair + Renew Leave-In Crème
This thick, rich conditioning formula provides targeted moisture to help control frizz and mend split ends.
·       Great for anyone wanting extra conditioning, especially for textured and curly hair.

·       Apply after showering and before styling. Rub throughout wet hair, focusing on the tips.

·       Blow-dry and style as usual or allow hair to dry naturally.

Available in-stores at Target starting end of January


Repair + Renew Smoothing Serum
This dual-functioning serum protects wet hair from styling friction and breakage; and amplifies shine and smoothness when used on dry hair.
·       Provides ultimate polish and protection.

·       Use anytime, to help reduce frizz, tame flyaways, and protect against breakage.

·       Massage two or three drops throughout wet or dry hair.

Available in-stores at Target starting end of January

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