Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tommy Hilfilger's Niece is Sweet as Cake, Jaimie Hilfilger and Her Early Anti-Aging Skincare, La Curcio. She has Sweet Tastes.

By Laura Medina

Rising E! Realty Star & La Curcio Skincare, Jaimie Hilfilger.

If a troupe of grandchildren of a neighborhood boutique owner can dominate the reality show game and become multi-media brands and stars themselves, Tommy Hilfilger's sweet niece sees no problem in that.

She knows people goof up and make mistakes in the past, citing the more established reality television celebrities who came before her, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.  But, they owe up to it.  Now, they're doing positive things.

Jaimie Hilfilger thinks it's a compliment that she's following in their footsteps.  As fashion designer, Tommy Hilfilger's niece, Jaimie is rising up on her own.

When Tommy Hilfilger, himself was rising up the ranks, Jaimie got grief for their last name because it's unusual and of course, junior high/middle school kids pick on her for that.

Well, they got gunk on their faces.

In her formative teen years, Jaimie was fortunate to witness...in the front row...Britney Spears, Kate Hudson, Ivanka Trump, Beyoncé, Mark Ronson, Kidada Jones,  Kate Hudson, Aaliyah, and Balthazar Getty getting their feet wet, in their fame and entertainment careers, by strutting on Tommy Hilfilger's catwalk, as ingenues.

Later on, she interned for Jennifer Lopez's burgeoning J.Lo Line.

Before  hijinks, Jaimie learned business instincts and focus and drive...

She said that her uncle, Tommy, has his finger on the pulse on what people want to wear and who they want to see, modeling the clothes, and where Americana fashion is going.

From interning at J.Lo., Jaimie soaked her drive and focus and the importance of carrying everything through to the end,...

"You have to stay focused on what you really want to accomplished...No straying...I'm a Virgo, very meticulous.  To-do lists.  Simply, stay on track."

Speaking of gunk on the face and staying on track, Jaimie is very vigilant about her very sensitive skin.  She decided to charge at very age and has an anti-aging line with La Curcio Skincare, Jaimie Hilfilger Collection, https://lacurcio.com/product-category/anti-aging/jaimie-hilfiger/.  As two skincare fanatics with various degrees of sensitive skin, she and this scribe both agree, it's never too late to start, taking care of our skin.

As a sweet person, who proves she's human, Jaimie loves cake...and cupcakes...and French Macaroons.

She's even willing to break out in rosacea to simple pleasures.  The Hilfilgers have a sweet tooth.  Yes, even uncle Tommy Hilfilger.  Her dad used to eat a whole coffee cake, baked by her grandma.  She inherited it from them. 

She's okay with clean sushi but her sensitive skin can't handle anything spicy but she gotta have her cake and loves to eat it, too.  Human.

Another thing she loves is Las Vegas.  Her favorite is Wynn Resorts.  According to her, Las Vegas has the best restaurants, shopping, best spas, and night life.  At Wynn Resorts and Casino, you can spend the whole day there.  She's based in Miami.

As someone with sensitive skin, she may avoid spicy.  Still, she loves dining on skin-friendly fresh sushi at Koi New York/Los Angeles/Las Vegas and a fan of Mr. Chow.

She's actually a born & raised New Yorker.

Until she's married and with her own family, she'll be spending the holidays with her folks, back up in New York.

She sticks to Miami Beach during Thanksgiving, but she'll be flying up to New York to be with her folks in New York.

But once she has her family, she'll start her own traditions.

Then it's back to Wynn Las Vegas and Wynn's Surrender Nightclub, then Tao and Lavo for New Year's Eve.

She, also loves all of W Hotels.

As for her starring in E! New Money series and being a rising reality celebrity, the Hilfilgers don't say anything about it, http://www.eonline.com/shows/new_money/videos/236625/jaimie-hilfiger-shows-off-super-her-fancy-luxury-yacht

Jaimie was fortunate to witness, first-hand, the formation of Beyoncé's and Ivanka Trump's careers and fame and enjoy watching the more established Paris Hilton and The Kardashians going through their trials and tribulations.

As she mentioned before, everybody made mistakes.  You have to accept them, forgive them for it and live with them.

"Ever since grandma died, nobody said anything about it."

Jaimie Hilfilger has sweet tastes in everything.

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