Tuesday, December 27, 2016

#CoolAgers, Gen-Xers, Ellen Pompeo, and philosophy Aren't Taking Aging Lying Down. #CoolAgersAreGameChangers.

By Laura Medina


The women of the Greatest Generation took it lying down.  Baby Boomers tried fighting the good fight.  They won in attitude but lost out on the skincare/beauty technology.

Today's Millennials smugly think they're all that in the youth equals beauty field, due to age alone, coasting by.

Gen-Xers may be a mere blip on the demographic chart but we are innovators; and we always challenge what is considered acceptable and normal.

Nat Geo Network did a miniseries on how influence and powerful, and most importantly, how transformative Gen-Xers are on the internet, the forerunner to social media, organic gourmet cooking for everyone, and the organized, efficiency of delivery, "Generation X," http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/generation-x/

Now, Gen-Xers are transgressing on what is consider "socially acceptable" when one enter's mid-life.  In other words, when Millennials call "mid-life crisis," that's when Gen-Xer have the right to throw tapas at them.

No.  This well-educated generation are, now, coming into their own, as the emerging Establishment with eager Baby Boomers trailing them in their wake.  Those Boomers know where the good stuff is.

Unfortunately, the more conformist, a.k.a. "push-overers," of Gen X are putting themselves out to pasture, at their peak, because they assume the peak of midlife, is retirement, with the misbelief that one peaks in their twenties when they don't know any better and they're somebody's roommate, not property owners or business owners.

The skincare/beauty company, Philosophy recognized "midlife crisis" as another form of depression; and they're re-inventing with Gen-X's signature chutzpah and panache (definition of confidence of style or manner), redefining it as #CoolAgers, with the constantly hot and smoldering, Ellen Pompeo.

Teaming up, they're on a campaign to eliminate stereotypical perceptions of middle age and introduce a much cooler option based on the facts.

To celebrate the release of Uplifting Miracle Worker, Philosophy and Ms. Pompeo will promote a new reality—that middle age can be the coolest time of your life—inviting women to remove the anti in anti-aging and replace it with cool. Women everywhere are invited to join the conversation and declare themselves or women they admire #CoolAgers through original interactive content and social media activity. 

What is a CoolAger?

A CoolAger is... 1.a.: a person not defined by his/her chronological age; in fact not defined by anything other than a will to live life by his/her own guidelines. 1.b. a woman who lives the life she dreamt of as a teenager. 2.a. role model for women younger or older who want to envision their lives as uplifting, enlightened experiences instead of a series of planned events.

Did you hear? The mid-life crisis is over! A recently released 25-year longitudinal study conducted by the University of Alberta has demonstrated that the phenomenon known as the “mid-life crisis” is unfounded and therefore untrue. Their study shows that happiness actually improves consistently over time. To celebrate this sentiment, Philosophy will launch original video content featuring Ms. Pompeo in comedic, stereotypical roles that have historically defined middle age. Giving the message greater depth will be the host site of the video— CoolAger.com—an online destination for women defined not by chronological age, but rather a will to live life by their own guidelines. The website will feature contributions by renowned authors to serve women young and old who want to envision their lives as uplifting, enlightened experiences instead of a series of planned events. 

“At Philosophy, we believe that women should act their age in all the right ways, and Ellen’s admirable, effervescent approach to living well and aging positively is a powerful way to lift spirits and spread a message,” says Rachel Shelowitz, Vice President, Global Marketing, Philosophy. “The philosophy of Uplifting Miracle Worker is ‘Happiness is feeling cool, calm and uplifted,’ a sentiment that not only ties perfectly to the CoolAger campaign, but also to Philosophy’s longstanding message that beauty lives within.”

Adds Ms. Pompeo, “I am thrilled and proud to be partnering with a company who has two very important goals: to break down negative stereotypes that society has placed on women regarding their age, and raise awareness and funding for women's mental health issues.”

As with every launch, Uplifting Miracle Worker will inspire both beautiful skin and beautiful days, with contributions toward women’s mental health causes. In July 2014, Philosophy launched the Hope and Grace Initiative, the cornerstone of the brand’s philanthropic mission wherein 1% of Philosophy product sales across all retailers supports community-based organizations working to empower women through the promotion of mental health and wellbeing, and the prevention and treatment of related issues. Unique to Uplifting Miracle Worker, Philosophy will donate $10,000 to the Aviva Family and Children’s Services, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization dedicated to providing community mental health services and support to at-risk children and families, and personally chosen by Ms. Pompeo. To date, Philosophy has granted $1.8 million to 29 mental health organizations across the country.

CoolAger.com features contributions by renowned authors to serve women young and old who want to envision their lives as uplifting, enlightened experiences instead of a series of planned events. Article and video content will be refreshed daily – follow philosophy on social media to stay in-the-know about updates.

What it Means to be a CoolAger: Martha McCully writes about life in the mid years. Life as she expected it did not happen. Instead? A completely independent, untraditional way of living has given her a surprising view of these years that are turning out to more formative than her formative years. Includes research about the U shape Happiness Curve and definition of the term “CoolAger.”

CoolAgers We Love: A peek into the lives of CoolAgers we admire. They’re our friends, our role models, our colleagues. A series of interviews will reveal what uplifts them, how they take care of themselves, what they don’t regret, and how they plan on maximizing every second of their mid-life. Writer: Leah Groth, founder of Twigs & Tiaras

An Interview with Jill Kargman: The kinetic, raven-haired author-actress and all around anti-socialite is refreshingly outspoken and pretty hilarious about everything—from rich people to her funereal style. The star of Bravo’s scripted show Odd Mom Out, which is based on one of her 12 books, inspires us to shred the rules and play life for laughs. Writer: Monica Corcoran Harel

Thanks to Philosophy's medical grade technology, their Uplifting Miracle Works Line can match a CoolAger's mentality, not allowing our looks or aging define who they are...


Pilosophy skin labs have developed cool-liftTM & firm 2 oz.moisturizer to help restore skin’s firmness and elasticity while redefining facial contours for a more uplifted and youthful appearance. pair with the 0.5 oz. eye cream to help restore the appearance of firmness, elasticity and radiance for a more uplifted and younger-looking eye area. this exclusive technology works by helping to boost skin’s natural lifting ability. first: a microcirculation complex featuring provitamin p helps stimulate skin’s natural functions; and second: a special combination of extracts helps rebuild a stronger collagen and elastin network. day after day, skin looks more resistant to the pull of gravity.


  • targets the effects of aging including loss of firmness and youthful contour, as well as crepiness, puffiness and dark circles 
  • exclusive cool-liftTM technology featuring provitamin p and a combination of biomimetic yeast, rye seed and marine plankton extracts, plus persian silk tree complex to help improve radiance 
  • helps skin appear smoother, firmer, brighter, lifted and revitalized, instantly and over time
Since transgressive is progressive, Gen-X men can also use Philosophy Uplifting Miracle Line and become brothers as #CoolAgers.

#CoolAgers defy expectations.  That is changing the game.

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