Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Lincoln Continental & Maserati for the Boss Ladies and Chrysler Pacifica for the Sporty Girl with Stuff & Moving, with Sanaa Latham & V. Bozman.

By Laura Medina

It may be touted as a mini-van but don't let that moniker misled you.  It's a sporty SUV for a sporty girl on the go.  Stow n' Go seating for extra storage and a built-in vacuum cleaner for impromptu cleaning, and easy touch-screen, Chrysler Pacific is the sporty girl among this line-up of Boss Lady cars.

Trailer Towing comes in handy for moving...
when you're moving to Colorado right now, during the holidays and the New Year Winter, with heated front row seating to keep you cozy.
Or while road-tripping, keep you all entertainment...

Now, if, you moved up in the world and you need the intern to be your chauffeur, Lincoln Continental and Maserati have cars for you to boss away in comfort.

Video of the joy ride/test-driving the Lincoln Continental 2017.

Actress Sanaa Latham paid homage to the debut of Lincoln Motors 2017 at the LA Auto Show.  V. Bozman did a mini 30-minute concert.

The real thrill was test-riding and joy-riding the Lincoln Continental 2017...
This video was about the back-seat control panel for the boss lady...


Other Boss Lady features are the 30-Points Seat Adjustment Control to elevate, lower, rise, forward, backward, and heated different segments of your limbs and back and head on long drives and heated negotiations. 

 The Voice Synch Control Display and Active Noise Control are good for Boss Lady negotiations.

You can even personalize your touch screen display with three different display versions.

Maserati Ghibli and Quattroporte also have back seat control panels for the Boss Lady.

But, Maserati is for the Lady in Charge.

These are the round-ups of cars, which women car engineers are designing the interiors for easier living, for the emerging and established boss ladies and the active, busy assistant/sporty girl on the girl.

Cars aren't a boy's game anymore.

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