Wednesday, December 21, 2016

"Gold" star and former journalist, Edgar Ramirez hosted Gran Cenenario Tequila's Angels on Earth Toy Drive Christmas Party.

By Laura Medina

Being a former journalist and Havard fellowship fellow, Matthew McConaughey's co-star in "Gold," Edgar Ramirez hosted the Christmas party charity event, Angels on Earth at the Sunset Tower Hotel.  The UNICEF goodwill ambassador and He for She partner helped encourage guests to sign up for a volunteer beach cleanup initiative with Heal The Bay on February 18, 2017, giving them the chance to become "Angels" themselves. The intimate event was able to recruit 80 people to donate 1-3 hours of their time to the project.

"Angels on Earth" has searched these people and recognized these people since 2015. I'm very happy to be a part of the third year initiative.  I like it that it focuses on anonymous, regular people, who are trying to improve the local communities in need. I think every heroic act happens when we do every little things that we do everyday.  Real life angels who are trying to improve the lives of their communities everyday in a selfishless way.   That's what leads to major changes along the way in society."

On how he prefers to drink Gran Cenenario Tequila, "I like it neat. Like all my liquor, I like it neat."

In between the coconut shrimp and the no-fails burger sliders, guests were treated to two different types of angels...

A dancer painted, head to toe gold, as a dancing statuette...

then an aerialist angel over at the pool...

It was a Gran Cenenario Tequila heaven at the Sunset Tower Hotel.

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