Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Quench those Skin Cells and those Dehydrating Headaches at the Same Time.

By Laura Medina


If the post-election shock, the following drinking binge hangover, weekly Indian Summer Heat Waves, and just working out get your skin and head over-heated and dried-up, you're in a mood for some healthy hydration.

An influential fitness trainer asked this baby-faced scribe, "What's your secret to good skin?"

Here is the list of the following items.

First up is the most available now, aloe vera juice is now a juice thanks to Aloe Gloe.  They come in light, refreshing flavors that you don't notice your feeding your skin hydrating your worn-out brain cells.


Coconut water is also widely available, such as Invo Coconut Water.

The pink tint comes naturally with the freshly-pressed coconut water from the coconut flesh.


The third and not the least, is Activate Water by two active dudes, Burke Eiteljorg and Anders Eisner, son of former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, saw the significant benefits of keeping the vitamins separate from the water in their research with an independent laboratory. They discovered that vitamins and other ingredients lose their potency as they sit in water over time. With the active ingredients stored inside the cap, the vitamins stay fresh.

“The founders were looking for a convenient way to take their vitamins [because] the hassle of dumping vitamin powder packets into water bottles and taking horse pills was not ideal,” said Jesse Merrill, vice president of ACTIVATE. “That then led to the development of a proprietary cap that offered a convenient all-in-one solution.”

Eiteljorg and Eisner became inspired to launch the brand after noticing the abundance of vitamin-enhanced waters loaded with calories and sugar. In their search for something better, the two created a product naturally sweetened with stevia. The bottles were recently released in sustainable packaging of 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic.
The drinks come in five types of vitamin mixes for whatever your body needs: vitamin, immunity, antioxidant, energy and workout.

Because of the store-&-twist cap, ACTIVATE Water is harder to find but you can find the brand at select CVS drugstores and Bristol Farms.

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