Tuesday, November 22, 2016

One of People.com's Sexiest Man Alive & One of Tinder's Most Right-Swiped Man, Andy Mizrahi, Lifts the Veil Off New York's & Los Angeles' Dating Scene ;)

By Laura Medina

When Andy Mizrahi got on Tinder, after his divorce, he didn't expect to be New Jersey's Most Right-Swiped Man on Tinder, nor did he expected to be one of People's "50 Sexiest Men of Tinder."

Neither did he expected to be doling dating advice and socio-anthropological insights on the dating scenes in New York versus dating in Los Angeles.

As a comedian/film maker/video producer and media marketer, Andy has the opportunities and access to date, socialize, woo and schmooze in both cities...and their unique dating scenes.

Here is his insights and advice on how to date, how to socialize, and how to cope in both the Big Apple and the City of Angels.

His first advice or his first approach to each city, is enjoy what is unique in each city.

In New York, enjoy all the cultural events and diversity that this "culture vulture" city has to offer, the cultural/art societies' events and their parties/soirees.  If it fits your interest(s), go for it!  You'll have a better chance of finding someone who shares your interests, which holds a better chance for a relationship.

In Los Angeles, this New Jersey/New York guy has nothing but kind and sympathetic yet wise words for the City of Angels.

What a deep man!  He gently lift the veil off Los Angeles' clich├ęs of being flaky and vapid when he explained that people in L.A. are career-minded, focused on building their budding career goals and dreams..; Los Angeles is the best place to mold and shape your career.  It isn't that people are mean.  It's that,they're busy pursing their goals.  The fact that Los Angeles attracts the most creative people in the world then fosters that drive and talent to the  oomph degree, and that people made sacrifices to come there, they're funneling most of their energy into their careers. 

Andy,"...flakiness is directly related to the fact that people are desperately trying to build their budding careers...Los Angeles is the hub for artistic greatness.
If you want to be the best in the world in art, film, music, dancing, comedy, acting and so on, being the best in LA is going to take you there.
There's no question about it. These are facts, not opinions. If you're the best filmmaker or musician in LA, you will be the best in the world.
People from all over the globe leave their home town in search of this greatness to get to the top of their industry."

Andy is kind enough as he is understanding enough to know that as you better in your career, what you need and want will change as you mature and as your career advances.   Whatever loose ends that doesn't fit you now, tend to be snipped off now.  The weaker significant who was good in the early first stages, isn't the right person now in the present or in the future.

"If you're in LA, you probably sacrificed a lot to get there.
And if that's the case, I'm going to assume you're not going to let a weak significant other slow you down. Or, a significant other isn't your top priority.
Also, as you change levels in your career from say, an actor who gets a few commercial gigs to becoming a lead actor in a Blockbuster film, your tastes are going to change. Your preferences are going to change. That's why people are flaky. Because just like that, their whole universe can be flipped upside down and they now need to adjust their lives to match that. And that may mean to cut out lose ends with dating partners who no longer fit into their lives.
And I think people in LA understand that, and are ready for that change."

So, whatever dating...all right, mating...there is in the Entertainment Capital of the World, happens to be light-hearted but fun-filled.

As a comedian and film director/producer, Andy is lucky to be aware and in the know of uniquely Hollywood industry events that pique his fan-boy interests.

Other than the really easy and really cheap chances of hiking during the day then hitting comedy clubs at night.  Andy's favorite L.A. thing was this rare promotional Questions & Answers event by his celebrity idol, "Full House" Bob Saget.  Andy is a Bob Saget fan.  He was psyched that he and his date really enjoyed the Bob Saget's Q & A.  Again, light-hearted fun as it was culturally cool.

Okay, Los Angeles' dating reputation as flaky and vapid is helped by the constant, perfect sunny Mediterranean weather.

Not so in the seasonally-dependent New York, the standard-bearer of the East Coast, up and down the East Coast...

There are reasons to the seasons.  This is where he lifts the veil off New York's "Sex and the City" myth and why is it like that.

Right now, as Andy and this scribe speak, is what he calls, "The Cuddling Season."  That window of time that is currently crucial to find someone to cuddle with, as the Holiday Season starts to cool down yet it is still warm enough to go out and hunt for that cuddle buddy, before it gets so freezing cold in the death of Winter, that nobody wants to go outside and hunt.  Like he mentioned a couple of times during the interview, you better "go for it!"

Actually, "the Cuddling Season," sounds pretty darn romantic.  The setting up of a roaring fireplace, the lure of hot cocoa and hot tea, and sharing gooey cheese snacks with a cuddling buddy is...romantic.

But, Andy does state the regional differences between New York versus "Happy Go Lucky" appearance of L.A...

New Yorkers hunting for a mate, do so after and once, they established their careers.  They're at that stage in life where they can afford a mate, which means they can afford a relationship.  They're not nourishing a fledgling career like they are in Los Angeles.

After years building then establishing their careers, New Yorkers are more serious about looking for a mate.  If light-hearted or half-hearted, these relationship-minded New Yorkers aren't wasting their precious time, energy, and money on something that is flaky.

Yet at the other end of the time-starved spectrum, there are New Yorkers where that "window of time" opening is everything.  These New Yorkers know they'll never meet that peculiar person again.  No second chances. So, for these New Yorkers-they just go for it!  Once that window of time closes, that person disappears and you're left out in the cold.

If and when craving for company, New Yorkers hit the bar scenes.  What Andy calls, "Drunker Dates," where people are forced to huddle together in warm bars for sheer warmth and company, where Andy says, "Putting on your  "beer jackets."

It doesn't have to be so extreme.  Remember, there are reasons behind the seasons...

Once Spring has sprung, New Yorkers are just dying to soak up that window of time of perfect sunny weather and get out and meet people!

Since New York is a cultural and arts capital, you can't help but party and socialize among the city's many arts and culture clubs' and society events and soirees.  If you're a culture vulture or a social butterfly, this is your thing to fly around and taste the nectar.

Things heat up during the Summer, especially when New Yorkers decamp to "adult Spring Break," the Hamptons and/or "Jet Blue/Southwest" their way down to Charleston, South Carolina's Spoleto International Arts Festival and the Spoleto Scene "Hollywood in Charleston" glam-slam parties because it's cheaper to party in Downtown Charleston than it is in Manhattan.

This isn't all bad. According to Andy, people are in a better mood.

Paraphrasing him, "Summer flings are the best. Our bodies are chemically reacting differently, hormones and testosterone levels are higher, and I think that adds to it. By the way I'm not in any scientific field so you have to look that up for verification.
But also, people are in better moods...In the cold east, we have this summer fling time to go get a significant other. A Shack up buddy.  This is it. Go for it. Go get that. Summer is the best time to make memories and do the fun dates and adventures that you can only have in summer time...
In our case it's going to the beach, or summer festivals and so on."

If you can't make it all the way to sunny, light-hearted L.A., just on hold onto your hats and wait for Spring and Summer to arrive.

Don't despair, it isn't so extreme black and white in New York versus L.A.

With California's Central Valley being everybody's produce basket, fresh meals and yes, their juices are abundant for a light-hearted and healthy lunch date then an afternoon sip and stroll or a really good dinner, at least in L.A.

With more abundant space and a rising established class, you can recreate the "New York Cultural" experience and visit The Broad Museum then dine at Otium's fancy, fresh meals in up and coming Downtown L.A.

With California's easy produce and New York's cultural focus, you and your date do a cooking class together.  If y'all didn't mesh, don't fret.  At least, y'all did something new and fun and might learn something newer and better for the next date.

Andy Mizrahi's best dating advice, overall is enjoy the first date as a fun and exciting experience that you'll have a great story to tell, regardless wherever you are.

When this scribe told him, that there might be a chance for a couple to in the Hollywood Christmas Parade as balloon handlers, he brighten up, saying that makes for a fun date and an unique story­čśâ

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