Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Alright, the Sun Damage Has Been Done, Equitance & LATHER to the Rescue.

By Laura Medina

Now is officially Autumn, which should be cooler and darker which means you're stuck with sun burns and sun spot and damages.  Oh yeah, the heat wave returns this weekend.  This means sun and skincare doesn't end.  It just in transition, like the seasons.

Let's start off simple, as in a simple "All-In-One."

LATHER's all-natural, "nothing weird" Sea Kelp & Ginseng All-Over Mask soothes and heals the damage from head to toe, without damaging the wallet.  In one jar, alone,  Sea kelp and ginseng extracts draw out impurities while restoring lost moisture. Sea algae oil has been added for its natural anti-aging and antioxidant properties. This revitalizing mask is perfect to use on sunburned skin as aloe vera cools the body while oat proteins help ease red, irritated skin. To revitalize dry and damaged hair, apply mask to damp hair and leave on overnight.

If you want to dive deeper and really get those damn spots out (paraphrasing Lady MacBeth), you need to cleanse, scrub, pamper, and infuse with Equitance Brightening Collection.

One reason high-end, effective skincare are an investment, budget-wise, is because the molecular technology to enter the dermis deeper then deliver the necessary ingredients to tackle the problems and damages directly.  Any deeper, this will be laser and physical, painful topical surgery.  Anything weaker, lighter, and cheaper will be a waste of money because it just sits on top of the skin and the concentration is so low that it might as well not be there.

Another reason high-end skincare is at the high-end, the distillation/extraction technology is better because they can get the necessary, effective molecules out from the plant, vegetables, and fruits.  Everything is molecular in skincare.

Equitance Brightening Skincare is based on these plant and vegetable-derived ingredients for smoother healing of sun and age spots and damage:

The Brighteners
These natural ingredients are focused entirely on skin brightening.

Linoleic Acid appears in all topical Equitance formulas. It is extracted from safflower seed oil and purified. Further, we found that linoleic acid’s primary effect helps to significantly minimize the appearance of dark spots. It promotes the exfoliation of the stored melanin that form dark spots. Linoleic Acid alone possesses such power. We’ve patented a unique delivery system for linoleic acid that we exclusively use in two targeted Equitance formulas: Equitance Brightening Serum + Dark Spot Corrector and Equitance Hydrating Brightening Cream.

Ascorbyl Glucoside is a vitamin C derivative with skin brightening powers. In liquid topical skin care formulas, vitamin C derivative is more stable, maximizing its beneficial functions better than vitamin C itself.

Moisturization creates the essential skin barrier for a bright, evenly toned complexion. Rough, dry skin has uneven light distribution, contributing to the visual perception of a darker appearance. Hydrated skin reflects light evenly, more accurately revealing the complexion.

Cherry Blossom Leaf Extract is culled from the Japanese sakura tree and possesses properties that sooth and soften rough skin.
Shell Ginger Extract is derived from the Japanese alpinia speciosa leaf. Its intense moisturizing properties help brighten the skin.

Glycosyl Trehalose is found in tapioca and potato starch. It helps sooth and moisturizes and improves tones.

Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate and Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate, made from licorice, possess soothing properties.
Betaine is made from sugar beets and possesses natural moisturizing factors that allow it to work within skin’s natural moisturizing process.

Acetyl Glucosamine is harvested from crab shells. It helps the production of hyaluronic acid, an intensely effective moisturizer.

Yogurt Extract is cultured from lactobacillus bulgaricus. It not only nourishes but supports skin recovery and brightening.

Shea Butter is ground from shea butter nuts. It creates a balanced moisture veil that protects skin from dryness and environmental stressors, such as pollution and the drying effects of environmental pollution.

Equitance's delivery system is all molecular...

They've patented a unique microcapsule technology to deliver a blend of ingredients that offers clinically proven brightening efficacy to your skin. Microcapsules -- also known as liposomes -- have a composition resembling the multilayered membrane of the epidermis.

Their technology uses them to deliver an exclusive blend of brightening ingredients to maximize the radiant effect. The full power of linoleic acid is released over time, imbuing skin with an even-toned, luminous look.

Since Fall and Winter are cozy enough to make you hibernate, use the calming darkness and solitude to focus on yourself and heal to get rid of those damn spots and start the new year anew.

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