Thursday, November 10, 2016

Improving on the Fitness Magic Bullet, Sebastian Lagree

In our hectic, staying-on-top, go-go lifestyle, we like to get a whole body, head-to-toe work...less than one hour, that isn't monotonous.

Twenty-years veteran fitness trainer and former bodybuilder, Sebastian Lagree felt the same way.  As a bodybuilder who  found the strict, repetitive weight-lifting and moves, staid and strict, and the competitive atmosphere of professional building in the bodybuilding home and mecca of Venice, California disappointingly distressful, this is where he begun to simply wonder if there's a better way to overall fitness than just lifting weight in a strict routine on a strict diet.

When he became a fitness trainer, he's either dealing exercise burn-out or exercise flake-outs, using the excuse of "no time" or "this has gotten really boring."

"There must be a better way," by maxing out his credit cards, he construct the very first MegaFormers.  By forcing and squeezing the core abdominal to stabilize the body on a wobbly platform, it is the slow and conscientious movements, in various degrees of movement, utilizing all limbs in all different positions and moves, that brings on intense muscle burn of the limbs' small-twitch muscles and intensive sweating,the  burning of calories.  All it takes,  is thirty minutes, half hour.  Because the smaller muscles taking over the majority of the work, so you won't cheat, using the major muscles.  Megaformer trainers and studios warn folks, not to do more than three days in a week.  The results are quick and effective, but you need in-between breaks for full muscle recovery.

Even with an intense but effective thirty-minute work-outs for only two or three days per a week, Lagree's clients still complain they don't have the time for a work-out or they mastered the moves that their bodies plateaued and that was it.

Good thing Lagree never sat on his laurels-literally.  As a fitness trainer, he knows the plateau crux.  Always thinking, always tinkering, and always developing on new generations of MegaFormers, his loyal celebrity clientele, Sofia Vergara,  Ali Larter, Jen Aniston and Courtney Cox...and Kim Kardashian, has used the intensive weightbearing-meet-cardio-yoga moves-core stability to squeeze and burn themselves back into then keeping their tight and firm figures...within thirty to forty-five minute session.

During a recent unveiling of his newest and latest MegaFormer, it tilts and moves like a motorcycle ride but slight tilts and angles make a world of difference to a MegaFormer devotee who mastered on a flat but still wobbly platform.

The multi-angle moves, pull, and push of all four limbs are still there but the tilting left and right then up and down was a major "whoa."  It just changes the types of muscles burning.  Actually, this slight, additional instability was like riding a motorcycle, keeping the exercise fresh.

On his new MegaFormer, you can get whole, holistic body work-out in 25 minutes.  But, that's not enough.  In development, he's working on a new generation that can give you that same calorie burn and lean, mean fifteen minutes.  "The Magic Bullet."

Many a people and fans have asked him, why not mass-market the MegaFormer in mass retailers to people who need it the most?  As a fitness trainer who has seen exercise equipment collecting dust and taking up space as clothes hangers (other than, the MegaFormers are very expensive and can be dangerous if done sloppily), Lagree wants people to come in to actually work out and with him offering proper stance and placement for maximum results, zero injuries.

When that day comes for the new 15-minute MegaFormer work-out, a new type of clientele will come in...time-squeezed "Power Women," "Working Moms," and "On-the-Professionals."

As a seasoned trainer who had seen mega gyms and fitness fads studios come and go, Lagree wants his MegaFormer studios to be like a church, where anyone is accepted but serious about working out among supportive, like-minded people.

Sebastien believes in being sustainably-fed and holistic for a well-balanced mind and body.  He has also seen diet fads come and go and how they make people go crazy.

Proving he's like everybody else, he has a chef come in and cook for him and his wife, three times a week.  He believes in portion-control.  Basically, he's simple.  He eats whatever the chef whips up for him.  If a jar of Nutella is left on the counter, he can't help himself.  That's his treat.  But if it's not on the counter, Sebastien simply doesn't eat it.

Sebastien Lagree wants to pull the "sane" out of insanity and making a better "Magic Bullet" in fitness.


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