Friday, November 11, 2016

Donald Robertson, One Night at Junk Food Abbot Kinney, Millennials' Idea of Andy Warhol.

By Laura Medina

For you all Millennials, Andy Warhol was a commercial artist before he was accepted by the art elite.
Even after he was accepted by the art elite, Andy still continued to his commercial aspect by being a premiere pop culture artist and his lasting legacy, the high-meet-low, elite-meet-pop culture, finger on the pulse magazine, Interview Magazine.

A humble graphic designer, with MAC's beginnings, is following in his foot steps, Donald Robertson.  He went from building MAC's graphics and window dressing from the ground up to major, upscale department store's art installations for all (the new window dressing) to brainstorming ad and makeup collaborations with Smashbox and other Estee Lauder's makeup brands to it's newest makeup brand, FLIRT by Amber Rose.

Lucky and happy to have free reign, for one night-only, Donald Robertson sketch, painted, and illustrated art work on whomever purchased Junk Food t-shirts.

The Junk Food t-shirt shop on Abbot Kinney is also a Donald Robertson art gallery.  He even designed a surfboard, fitting for the Venice Beach area Bourgeois Bohemian-Silicon Beach-surfers.  The ones who wear Junk Food's t-shirts as daily uniforms.

Smart wearable art as fashion, Junk Food sells ready to wear Donald Robertson's t-shirts.

As Estee Lauder's newest brand branch, Donald Robertson did graphics for Amber Rose's new makeup line, FLIRT Cosmetics, along with his one-night only appearance.

Donald Robertson is the amicable and approachable Andy Warhol for all.

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