Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sodas You Quaff During the Day then Cocktails You Quench at Night.

By Laura Medina

This past fires in California and the humidity in the South and the East Coast brings out the thirst in everyone, all ages.

Craving something about plain water but yearning for something more "adult," healthy, with an all-natural sparkle?

During the day...and without the DUI, you can guzzle olde-school soda, Lorina Coconut-Lime and its Virgin Mojito.

New school Sipp Co. Sparkling Organics returns soda to it's roots.  Replacing artificial flavors and dyes with fresh fruit and corn syrup with agave, Sipp Co. Sparkling Organics is real soda for adults.

Gourmands and wise bar flies can spot that these fancy sodas make great, easy, and quick cocktail bases without a whole lot of mess or mushing.


If the stress of the California wildfires and torrential floods or a computer meltdowns are getting to you, spike up those fancy, gourmand sodas with the clean and smooth Ty Ku Cucumber Sake or drop a sweetness from Batiste Eco Rum.

Batiste Eco Rum pairs well with Lorina Virgin Mojito and Coconut-Lime for a classic tropical Summer time cocktail.

Keep it refreshing.  Keep it easy and quaff.

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