Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Old Navy Rolls a Disco Roller Skate Party to Celebrate Their New Ad Campaign #Denim Moves for Their New Sculpt-In & Flex-In Jeans.

By Laura Medina

At one of the few remaining, true deal roller skating rinks left in Los Angeles, Old Navy took over Moonlight Rollerway then threw a "step-back-in-time" Seventies Roller Disco party with a ticket for a free slushie, in retro, non-organic, candy flavors of cherry, grape, and green apple, the gateway drink to the neon green, guilty treat apple martini.

Unpretentious and not stuck-up, an Old Navy is for everyone, which 350 crowd of Millennials, Gen-X singles, singled and married families showed, to support and teach their kids the fun of roller-skating.  This warms this scribe's heart.

It wouldn't be a party without an Old Navy fashion gallery and a crafting table.  The denim gallery showcased their brand new line of Sculpt-In Jeans for women, with stretch and butt-lift and tummy tuck technology and Flex-In Jeans for men is for activewear dudes who still want to wear jeans.

For those who can't skate and can't bust a move and don't want to bust a bone, there's a crafting area with free Denim Distressing Kits to customize your denim patch.

Christy Oldham is lacing her skates.

Here's Christy blazing a trail on the rink.

The party was the opportune time to officially debut Old Navy's new ad commercial for their stretch jeans.


Old Navy's new #Denim Moves commercial is when roller disco meets Soul Train, where "America's Got Talent" and the LA Roller Girls bust their best moves and got grooving on their skates.  They started a new retro trend, get down on roller skates for Millennials, just like their parents and grandparents did the first time, the originals.

Old Navy gave the guests a special treat.  With their stars from their new #DenimMoves and America's Got Talent, The Honor Roll crew did breaking dancing on roller skates with death-defying moves.  This is stunt work, folks.  They did two sets to cheers, pushing roller-staking to new levels and evolution for today's Millennials.

Keep on movin' and keep on rollin' in Old Navy's #DenimMoves Sculpt-In Women's Jeans and Flex-In Men's Jeans.

Remember, Old Navy is for everyone.

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