Thursday, August 18, 2016

Olympic Snacking with Lay's International Flavored Chips

By Laura Medina

If the Rio Olympics got you being an arm chair athlete when it's too humid and too hot to move, enjoy the unity by munching on Lay's Potato Chips most international flavor line-up yet.

You can taste the birthplace and history of the Olympics through Lay's Wavy Greek Tzatziki-flavored Potato Chips with the uniquely Krinos Taramosalata Greek Style Caviar Spread.

If you want to be current about dining the Rio Olympics on your snacking/dining tray, pair Lay's Brazilian Pichanha-spiced Potato Chips with Brazilian grilled meats, instead of French Fries.

Your armchair athlete snacking complete while the real Olympians do all the sweat and tears.

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