Thursday, August 18, 2016

DAVIDS Tea Quenches Your Thirst, Healthy & Fun.

By Laura Medina

Friendly with cleverly-designed infuser-pitchers and travel bottles, DAVIDS Tea is the clever alternative to Starbucks' Teavana and a casual counter-part to American Tea Room.

DAVIDS Tea makes tea and the art of brewing tea accessible and sensible to anyone.

With wildfires and lingering Summer heat wave, DAVIDS Tea makes it easier and healthier to stay cool and hydrated with tea antioxidants.  Not in a bitter vitamin pill way, DAVIDS Tea's seasonal Summer teas are juicy enough to sate a sweet tooth.

Better yet, you can still have your fun, fizzy drink without the destructive artificial flavors, corn syrup, or acids.

Fill the inner, screw-on infusers with any of sweet Summer teas,  of your choice, then fill the rest of the pitcher or bottle with sparkling mineral water to make your own healthy soda.

With these naturally sweet teas, with dried fruit, you wouldn't miss the sugar...

Steep it in mineral water, it'll taste like a fun and funky soda, without the weird fake chemicals.  Cotton Candy tea is full of:  nut brittle, candied mango and cotton candy sprinkles with a smooth, sweet base of green rooibos.

One sip of this sweet, rich rooibos blend and you’ll know spring is right around the corner. It could be the sunny taste of pineapple, or the exotic creaminess of coconut. It could be the pretty calendula and cornflower petals to make it fun for us big kids.

Mingling honeydew, strawberry leaves and apple with generous chunks of watermelon, this fruit-packed tea is overflowing with juicy melon flavor.  It's guzzling watermelon without the sticky mess or straining the pulp.  Just pure flavor.

Gulping Summer, pitcher for the family or in a travel bottle on the go.

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