Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sex with Brody Jenner on E! Candidly Nicole Richie on VH1 and dress like her at House of Harlow at The Grove this week only!

By Laura Medina, top, bottom

Summer is also a good time to load up on Summer's simple guilty pleasures, the Women's World Soccer Cup, and finding out what your favorite reality celebrities' kids are up to.

Why?  After sunning yourself out poolside reading your Summer guilty pleasure book, you want to move inside because you're sunburnt or sunstroked and need some cooling relief while watching fresh as peach TV that isn't binge-watching on Hulu or Netflix.

If you're going to soak up the sun and still in junior high or high school, now is the time to beat everyone to the chase and load up on the new wardrobe so you can dress like your favorite reality TV celebrity, say Nicole Richie's House of Harlow pop-shop at The Grove in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles.  How's that for a Summer vacation, happening right now.

Nicole's trial run of her House of Harlow brand comes at a opportune time, right before her new reality show on VH1, "Candidly Nicole" on Wednesday, July 29th at 11pm, so you can find out what she's up to and how her life is now.

This week at The Grove, until next Wednesday the 16th, House of Harlow will be running free but already sold-out events with Nicole herself, a fashion stylist, and a makeup artist, starting tonight, tomorrow night, Thursday night until Friday night.

While there, you might catch a screening of her new VH1 reality show, "Candidly Nicole" premiering exclusively at The Grove's movie theater.

When it does debut on Wednesday, July 29th at 11pm, they're a eight-episode series, running thirty minutes each.   This is how you get your guilty eye candy in before Fall happens, when everything gets serious.

See what Summer Fun can do to you at Los Angeles' favorite outdoor mall?

Remember, do all this week before Nicole Richie, House of Harlow, and VH1 disappears on Wednesday the 16th.


Yes, he's aware he's a celebrity's child riding on the parent's coattails and it comes at a very historical time,  Brody Jenner spinning the table for SpyChatter App's launch party at The Argyle Night Club in Hollywood.

Graciously, he answered questions about his relationship is with Caitlyn, his father's new gender identity.

Party-goers, such as myself, were only aware about him being hired to DJ this app's debut party but this arrives right before...

His new talk show, "Sex with Brody" on E! premiering this Friday the 10th at 10:30pm.

With his own deep, intimate yet widely-known take on the fluidity of sex and gender, E! and Brody both agree, now is the time to discuss what's is going on with sex and relationships when everything and every notion is transforming intensely.

With his down-to-earth and open approach to sex and relationship, Brody Jenner describes his chat show as "Love Line" for Millennials his own age, Gen-Xers under-going, changing mid-life issues, and Baby Boomers trying to figure this new landscape in the new century.

Another reminder, "Sex with Brody" will only run for four, brief episodes.  So, quit being bashful and catch this while you can, this Friday the 10th at 10:30pm.

Before you cool down at night with Nicole Richie's "Candidly Nicole" on VH1 and "Sex with Brody" on Friday nights, savor Summer by soaking up the sun at The Grove and shop at Nicole's House of Harlow pop-up shop.  A cool Summer souvenir.

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