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A Tarte Travel/Makeup Palette for Every City & Town.

By Laura Medina

Play It Safe Essentials Set

All you all readers know this scribe has been hitting the road, even the seas, exploring the great state of California, from shining sea to shore, from the base of Hollywood to Catalina Island to Carmel, in the Central Coast and Valley.

Since you all are embarking on you all's road trip or jet-setting for the July the 4th weekend, it's only fair to use this article and the previous article, "Wine Country Beauty, Thanks to PUR Minerals.", your guide in portable, efficient beauty that wouldn't weigh you down or get you in trouble with TSA.

Let's start with the basic, sun protection.  Tarte's "Play It Safe Essential Kit" of mini versions of: 0.23 oz Tarteguard sunscreen lotion broad spectrum SPF 30 
        0.23 oz Maracuja bronzing serum gradual self tanner 
        0.05 oz Brazilliance skin rejuvenating maracuja self tanner 
        0.11 oz Amazonian clay waterproof bronzer in park ave princess™ 
        0.045 oz Brazilliance skin rejuvenating maracuja self-tanning face towelette 

are toss & go basics that you can slip in a clutch, a carry-on, or a tote bag.

It's small enough to make room for the other travel-worthy palettes...

Showstopper Clay Palette

Catalina Island and the deserts of Palm Springs may not appear to have a lot in common but there are a couple of things they do share.  The low-key but luxurious attitude and knowing they're both low in rain.

Despite being an tiny island surrounded by sea water, poor Catalina Island is suffering from a drought and agreed to building a second desalination plant to turn ocean water into drinking water for the drought-stroke island.

Whereas, Palm Springs always knew it was a desert that have select springs with palm trees, hence the name, "Palm Springs."  It's fairly recent mid-20th century history and heritage sprung as an Hollywood celebrity get-away from nosy people while infusing the area with their Old Hollywood Glam standards, Rat Pack vim & vigor panache, and Mad Men louche luxury.

Because of their low-key luxury and attitude, Tarte's Showstopper Clay Palette is a glamorous set of earth-tone, nude colors and shade complimenting Palm Springs glamour and Catalina Island's low-key attitude.

Poppy Picnic Limited-Edition Amazonian Clay Eye & Cheek Palette

Driving Central California, from Los Angeles to Carmel Valley then Carmel-by-the-Sea,  it'll strike you how agriculture/farm the majority of California is, appropriately 2/3 of the state is farm land.  Qualifying it as the country's, perhaps, the world's fruit and vegetable basket. Particularly the wine industry, otherwise known as viticulture.

Even during a drought, the fertile, versatile, and durable soil and irrigation from crafting farmers are able to yield and even improve wines and nuts.  Shoot, as one drives through Wine Country, the same soil growing grapevines is the same soil growing almonds and pistachios.  This is the same land that cattle grazes on.  No wonder the stereotypical, cliche California snack pack is almonds, pistachios, and cheese with a bottle of wine.  In addition to the "California Snack Pack," this fertile and tough valley still yields a bounty crop of strawberries, all sorts of berries and nuts (hence California's nickname of "fruits & nuts"), vegetables, beef, and diary.

In a short jaunt across the 101 Highway heading towards the Pacific Ocean, you'll be cooled down in Carmel-by-the-Sea's misty ocean fog where the folks are as chilled as the ocean mist. But, no less sloppy.  The well-heeled, established residents still like their California Glam as much as Hollywood but they sensibly pair their luxurious tanks and tees with comfy puff windbreakers to shield themselves from the chilly ocean breeze and sprays.

In homage to Central California's bounty of blossoming fruits and vegetables and gorgeous blooming flowers,  Tarte's Poppy Picnic Limited-Edition Amazonian Clay Eye & Cheek Palette is as vivid yet as natural as the Central Coast's and Valley's foliage and produce.  The natural base tone of brown, beige, and coral is align with the area's great foliage and vegetation but the lively color impact matches the blooming fruits and blossoming flowers.

Limited-Edition Rainforest After Dark Colored Clay Eye & Cheek Palette

In journeys to other towns and events in California, this scribe realizes that Los Angeles/Hollywood is the "New York" of the West Coast.

Other Californians from other small towns and mid-sized cities come to the City of Angels to shop for stuff they can't buy in their small towns, party in clubs, to be entertained, and to sample whatever is the latest in trends and the freshest fads.

This scribe, with her Latin/Eurasian lineage and Southern heritage, smokes appropriately for the unique Hollywood tradition of Awards Season, Los Angeles' hectic pace, and the singularly industry events year-around.  She even wrote exclusively about Tarte's Rainforest After Dark Eye & Cheek Palette as Grammy-worthy, "Get Lost in the Dark, Tarte's Deep & Knowing "Rainforest After Dark" Fall 2014 Collection."

Urbane, cool, smoldering, sexy, multi-culture/enthic exotic, and olive & tanned Brunette-friendly (the majority of Angelenos are either natural brunettes or Goth/Bettie Page Brunette hipsters), Tarte's Rainforest After Dark Colored Clay Eye & Cheek Palette has proven to be a constant seller and a big hit at Sephora's Hollywood & Highland location, alongside Tarte's other big hit, the appropriately matching Showstopper Clay Palette.

As long this scribe loves makeup, antioxidants, durability, and traveling, there will be more makeup palettes and kits to come.

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