Friday, May 8, 2015

L'Occitane Beverly Hills & Fresh Pasadena for both Mother's Day & Father's Day.

By Laura Medina

Fresh Pasadena Fragrance Bar.

What to do?! What to do?!

Mother's Day is fast-approaching this Sunday; and Father's Day is right around the corner..;and he doesn't wear neckties.

This practical luxurist believes in practical pampering, making the everyday routine special, as in really fragrances and skincare that makes daily routines extra-comforting and nice.

With L'Occitane and Fresh Pasadena, you can find everything for both mom and dad in one-stop shops.

The Fresh boutique in Pasadena has a fragrance bar that you can pour fresh fragrance into thick glass decanters.  They'll make great gifts for both mom and dad...and yourself.

Fresh shaving cream and the Skin Soothing After-Shave are items you need to buy three-times over for the whole family.

No more bashing your head about where and when to wrap your gifts, the Fresh boutique in Pasadena has Tiffany-like gift-wrapping service that is available year-around for anything and any time, from holidays to birthdays to butt-kissing gifts.

L'Occitane in Beverly Hills is already blooming with Mother's Day gift packages.  

They just debut their new cosmetics.  Under the Immortelle Collection, they have three shades of Immortelle Precious BB Cream SPF30 in Light, Fair, and Medium.

Their revamped Peony Collection has tinted lip balms that range from clear Transparent to mauvey-Amber, bright Rose, and Plum.  Since they're shea butter-based, you can dab them onto the cheeks for a flush blush.

Also under the new and improved Peony Collection, L'Occitane has a CC Cream in Light.

At the L'Occitane Beverly Hills, you can dump dad at the barbershop while you buy mom a bouquet of dried lavender.  Whatever they use for a clean shave on your dad, those items can be bought and resupplied easily.  They even have a shaving kit for him for Father's Day.

Which boutique or brand you select, just know that Fresh and L'Occitane are one-stop shops for both parents.

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