Monday, May 4, 2015

Cool Clothes for Hip Moms, Everlane & Malia Jones "Urban Beachwear."

By Laura Medina

Real moms are producers, agents, entrepreneurs, and managers a.k.a. "momangers."  They still do sports and exercise.

Basically, moms are people on the go.  Real moms are searching for hip but timeless clothes that will stand the test of time and their daily routines.  Basically, they want to look good without worrying about it.

Everlane thinks about the real moms...and real dads (more on that later during Father's Day Week).

Everlane thinks about the basics for women over the age of thirty.  They remove the frump but left in the comfort.  They instill stylish but easy tailoring.  They use quality fabrics that will wear well over time.   Add them up together and what do you get?  An hip yet classy wardrobe that any mom can toss together without a stylist or a valet that she do herself then go!

 Malia Jones' Chambray Caftan.

Pro-surfer, model, and  Hawaii Five-O actor Alex O’Loughlin's wife, Malia Jones recognized there was a huge gap for hip women surfers like her who travel every beach and lacks decent athletic wear that you can wear from surf to shopping.

Too bulky. Too stiff. Too tacky.  Nothing for her to wear.  So, Malia decided to take matters into her own hands and whip up clothes that she wants to wear everywhere.

Soon, her friends noticed.  Just like the legendary Lilly Pulitzer, Malia was soon designing and making clothes that she and her fellow women surfers want to wear around-the-clock, from touring to shopping.  This gave Malia Jones the chutzpah to start her own athleisure line, carving her own niche in that flourishing lifestyle industry.

Malia added real leather trims to cliche beach bohemian basics such as v-neck tunics and caftans in fine linen then offering them in timeless black, white, and the preppy chambray, creating her own niche of "Urban Beachwear."

Because she remove the extraneous cliches of beads and bangles and batik weaves then refine the tunics and caftans into universal solid black and white linens.  Knowing she also competes on the East Coast, say the Hamptons, Malia wants an East Coast appropriate caftan that she can immediately pull over, add some pearls then meet up at shops and restaurants in the Hamptons.  This is how her chambray caftan came to be.

 Tunic Top with mesh knit side insert caging and caftan dress with mesh knit side insert caging.

Malia Jones' Swimwear/Athleisure is "Urban Beachwear" because she injected avant-garde tailoring, such as leather trim and meshing, into an urban black palette while still using beachwear-friendly cotton and linen.

At her trunk show at Ron Robinson in Melrose, the shoppers and buyers were grooving over her Tunic Top with mesh knit side insert caging because Malia paired it with a pair of black leather pants.  How urban cool can you get?

Her tankinis in black and white can also serve as tanks in sweat-wicking swimsuit fabrics.

The amount of thought instill into her premiere was so tremendous that the result appears effortless, hip, and chic.  Basically, good-looking basics that you can toss on without a second thought then go.

Because basic beachwear construction was meant to soft, Malia Jones' "Urban Beachwear" can be rolled and ball up, toss into a carry-on at the last-minute, then unravel wrinkle-free at a moment's notice, pretty much life on the surfing touring circuit.

For the cool mom who surfs and shops, Malia Jones was thinking of you.

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