Monday, May 25, 2015

Have a Bikini Time, Bud Light Rita’s LEMON-ADE-RITA & Kaohs' Lemon Bright Swimwear for Summer.

By Laura Medina

After visiting and checking out Coachella and Palm Springs, there is this emerging trend, lemon and sucking down vitamin-C rich lemonade, perhaps to repair the UV ray damage to one's chromosomes under the desert sun.

Just in time for Memorial Day which sets off Summer, Bud Light adds a new flavor to its refreshing and convenient, sweet Beer Margarita Line, Lemon-Ade-Rita.

Sweet and bubbly yet convenient and very darn affordable to pick up and dump in a cooler at the last minute, it's an immediate cocktail that you can take anywhere without hunting for then waiting at the bar.

To celebrate Summer, Bud Light paired with Kaohs,, in this limited-edition partnership of their Gypsy X Budlight Lemon-Ade-Rita Collaboration, appropriate enough in Lemon-Ade-Rita Yellow,

This is the first time Bud Light has partnered with a bathing suit company so it is super exciting especially because Kaohs prides themselves for designing and making all of their suits in the U.S. (Downtown LA).

In honor of Summer, pick up a can or a pack (Bud Light's Beer Margaritas can be mixed and matched like your swimwear), stash in the thermal tote bag (the new cooler) then take off anywhere, whether it be the lake, river, pool, or beach.

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