Monday, May 11, 2015

Basic, Wholesome, Innovative Beauty Basic, Mineral Fusion at Whole Foods.

By Laura Medina

Most women know that every supermarket carries aisle of basic makeup and skincare that anyone can toss in their cart in a pinch.

If you're like this scribe who really cares what she put on her skin, as well as what she puts in, Whole Foods also carries "basic and wholesome" makeup and skincare lines that the average shopper can toss in their basket or cart.

One of these "basic and wholesome" beauty lines is Mineral Fusion.  Always reliable Mineral Fusion, best known for their nail polishes.

Most folks know it for their powdered sunscreen in a tube, with a brush, that anyone can dust on while dashing on the go.  Thank god, it's their basic, from which their skincare and makeup grew from.

Still, Mineral Fusion has a bunch of stand-out skincare and makeup that deserves to be tried and used everyday.

For all you Do-It-Yourselvers who are creative as they are crafty as they are cheap as they are eco-minded, no more figuring what to buy and how to mix for an All-in-One Basic Cream that can turned their numberous powdered color cosmetics into finger-friendly creams and tints for spreadable and smear-able eyeshadows and creamy blush flush for cheeks.

Mineral Fusion's innovative coconut cream lotion, Limitless Beauty Cream, that you can use on a myriad of uses: moisturizing lips, taming brows, applying to dry elbows, nourishing cracked heels, softening cuticles, or simply use as a hand cream or super-rich night cream.

More than just skincare lotion, Mineral Fusion's Limitless Beauty Cream can be used as a base to mix into powdered cosmetics for cream shadows and blushes, or use as a luminizer.

This is Mineral Fusion's #1 Hit seller, alongside their Powdered Sunscreen, brushed over a face or neck or chest already prepped with their Mineral Fusion Limitless Beauty Cream, you'll get a creamy, opaque "foundation" appearance using the most basic of Mineral Fusion without the heavy grease and chemical from conventional cosmetics.

Mineral Fusion is multi-purpose.

A good powdered cosmetic to mix and blend for all sorts of spots to highlight, sculpture, and warm the face is Mineral Fusion's Mineral Blush/Bronzer Duo in warm rose paired with bright pink.

If all that mixing and blending is too time-consuming or you're simply short on time, dab and dash with Mineral Fusion's 3-in-1 Color Stick.

This is what Mineral Fusion call their tinted sticks,...
Instant Color For Cheeks, Eyes & Lips
This versatile product is all you need to add color to cheeks, eyes and lips. The lightweight formula will add a subtle shimmer and pretty glow to any complexion.

Perfect For On-The-Go Use
Brush-free application - apply and blend with fingertips. Easily fits in your bag for touch-ups throughout the day and night.

Multi-Tasking Makeup
All-in-one product speeds up your morning routine.

A true sign of innovation responding to customers' busy, healthy lifestyles, skincare and beauty brands have come up with cosmeceuticals, where skincare intersects with makeup, like Mineral Fusion's new line-up of primers.

If you want to go beyond traditional moisturizers, Mineral Fusion's Hydrating Primer fills in lines, nourishes skin, and evens tone and texture creating a smooth canvas for makeup application.  At the same time, its Nutrient-replenishing Mineral Water softens and hydrates skin while providing essential moisture to skin cells.  Think of this as a light-weight choice to heavy creams for folks with combination complexions.

Their Mattifying Primer not only soaks up the grease and prevents pollutants from clogging up the pores, it also has natural antioxidants and their wrinkle fighting, collagen-boosting peptide help minimize the appearance of fine lines.  Great for those in-between Middle-Agers who are now suffering from both wrinkles and adult acne.

Again, if you're searching for a cosmeceutical quick-fix, basically makeup with benefits, Illuminating Primer luxurious formula fills in lines, brightens, illuminates, and evens tone and texture creating a smooth canvas for makeup application with spreading radiant gold flecks create exquisite, subtle illumination and the perfect hint of shimmerIt also fights wrinkles with natural antioxidants and collagen-boosting peptides.  

For those with sun and age spots...and crinkles and wrinkles, Illuminating Primer has Vitamin C and Orange Fruit Oil naturally promoting radiant, brighter, and more even skin tone.  Again, another bonus for Middle-Aged Gen-Xers battling in-between skin of pimples and age spots.

While sticky, sweaty Summer upon us soon, we yearn for things light-weight and refreshing, leaving the heavy moisturizers behind in Winter and best saved for Fall.

Mineral Fusion's Hydration Mist is spray-able Shea Butter with Hyaluronic Acid, delivering refreshing hydration that minerals love. Mist skin to set foundation or throughout the day as needed to refresh skin with a burst of instant hydration.

Age-Defying Chamomile, White Tea, Burdock Root and Sea Kelp soothe and nourish while defending skin against free radical damage.

Another Mineral Fusion item that tackles middle-aged Gen-Xers' quest in staying relevant and younger, their SPF 16 Age-Defying Treatment Serum's Alpha Lipoic Acid, natural antioxidants, and our powerful wrinkle fighting, collagen-boosting, dual-peptide blend help firm skin and restore natural radiance, can be layered on first then dusted with their powdered sunscreen as fortified daytime makeup.

Broad spectrum mineral SPF defends against sun damage and premature signs of aging. Shea Butter provides lightweight moisture and helps improve skin’s texture and elasticity.

A lot of all-natural beauty companies has the basic wash and soothe line-up of shampoos and conditioners but most don't have beauty balms for hair.

Mineral Fusion's Hair Repair Beauty Balm Leave- in-Treatment to style, hydrate, and protect hair in one simple step, can be used on wet hair as a leave-in-conditioner or on dry hair as a styling cream.

Moringa Seed and Mongongo Kernel plus Sea Kelp help repair damaged hair by coating every strand with rich nourishment to prevent breakage.

Right now, this month, Mineral Fusions is hitting the road.

At this moment, they have a pop-up shop/traveling road show at Pasadena's Whole Foods on 3751 East Foothill Blvd, Pasadena, CA.

Starting last Friday then catering and educating until May 25th, Whole Foods Market in Pasadena will be hosting a Mineral Fusion Road Show while offering customers 40% off of all Mineral Fusion Products including skin, hair, body, nail care and cosmetics. Enjoy complimentary makeup applications from passionate and experienced makeup artists in the natural cosmetics industry while exploring all that Mineral Fusion has to offer.   

Mineral Fusions also carry their own manufacturer's coupons, so use this month as an opportunity to learn and stock up on your beauty basics.

Two months ago, the Whole Foods in Playa del Rey hosted a Mineral Fusion Traveling Road Show.  It was a great opportunity to get hands-on knowledge on the product line-up on a generous event-only discount.  They even passed out travel-sized items and samples.
Go to Whole Foods Pasadena and get acquainted with Mineral Fusion.   

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