Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Simple, Straight-Forward from Oscar's Red Carpet to the Everyday, Salve Naturals Skincare.

By Laura Medina

 Emergency Salves

If the craziness and confusion of the glamor of Oscar Week or Awards Season have your complexion stressing out in adult acne or everyday's nits and bites is getting to you, just relax and rely on Salve Natural Skincare.

In their full-sized tins or the 4-piece mini tins Emergency Gift Set, there's a Breathe Deeply Emergency Salve aromatherapy, infused with menthol, eucalyptus and rosemary, for stuffed up noses, sinuses, and chest when you're stuffed up with a cold or when Spring is finally blooming with allergies.

Nervous with anxiety or the bugs getting to you, heal the scars softly and quickly with Salve's Scratched - Emergency Salve.  Tea tree oil, comfrey oil, organic olive oil and witch hazel balm disinfect and moisturize to help the wound heal faster and reduce scarring. It even feels great as a lip moisturizer.  The all-natural, multi-purpose alternative to
Carmex® Cold Sore Treatment.

Spring has sprung and you're getting bitten by bugs while gardening, because you want to or try to be "green & organic."

Itchy/Bitten Emergency Salve is great for those annoying bug bites, rashes and just plain itchy skin. Packed with a high dose of naturally found antihistamines including chickweed and calendula (marigold) oils, you’ll get instant relief from itchy, red and irritated skin from being bitten by fire ants, mosquitos and bees.

Emergency Mini Salve Gift Set with the Lip, Nail & Cuticle Conditioner, in Mint Flavor, make a complete essential beauty set for the worldly, jaunty traveler hopping onto a last-minute get-away.

Intense Moisture Body Cream


Who says all-natural has to be single-purposed?

Salve's Intense Moisture Body Cream literally has you covered from head to toe.  It's a good basic base that you can specialize with interchangeable oils or they can customized it with their library of essential oils.

You can use it on from conditioning your hair, moisturizing your face, neck, chest, and down to your toes.

It's a good all-around basic.

 Antioxidant Moisture Cream


If you're too busy to customize or can't mix and stir to save your life, use Salve's Antioxidant Moisture Cream with the extra boosts of: Vitamin A to soothe acne, stretch marks, wounds, wrinkles, eczema and premature aging; Vitamin B5 locking in moisture and retaining water; Vitamin E protecting cells from environmental pollutants, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helps to soothe sunburns, acne and scars, and Vitamin C aiding in the production of collagen, to pamper and nourish your face, neck, chest then the rest of your body.

 Rose Hip Seed Oil


If you want a straight-forward, simple dab on the spot, as in when you want a light dab on the "crow's feet," Salve's Rose Hip Seed Oil, rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, gamma linoliec acid (GLA) and vitamin C reduce wrinkles and premature aging.

Ingenious, you can also "double-duty" it as an emollient to strengthen the hair shaft.


 Make Your Own Fresh Mask Tube Gift Set (kelp is 100% certified organic)


Dying to craft an "at-home DIY crafting/spa" project? 

With Salve's Make Your Own Fresh Mask Tube Gift Set, you can make your hair mask, a "stay-at-home" zit paste, and a seaweed nourishing mask.

The Rhassoul Clay Mask cleanses both facial pores and scalp; but the kicker is that it moisturizes, detangles and provides shine to hair and scalp.

The classic Kaolin Clay sucks out the gunk and pollutants out of your pores while soaking up the grease.

Seaweed is an hot skincare ingredient right now.  Organic Atlantic Kelp Mask contains chlorophyll, an essential fatty acid that helps detoxify the skin and body and improve the skin’s elasticity.  The carbohydrates, in kelp, stimulates the skin's ability to heal and vitamin A, an antioxidant, normalizes skin cells.  Proteins and amino acids conditions the skin.

Organic Atlantic Kelp Mask is a great alternative to the creams and lotions, that fed and slows down aging in normal skin while pampering aging skin.  This Kelp Mask doesn't suck.  It adds.

Salve Natural is an basic, interchangeable skincare line that is straight-forward in tackling everyday concerns.





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