Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Beige & Pastel Light-Weight Leather for Spring, Wearable Year-Around.

By Laura Medina


Thanks to leather technology, leather is no longer stiff and heavy, restricted to outerwear armor shielding you from the elements; and it doesn't always have to be black.

With today's technology, you can wear leather year-around.  It's light enough to wear during Spring and it's cooler nights.  Shoot, you can even it through Summer.

What's cool with leather, it can literally stretch into Fall and Winter, making it the new closet classic.  Well worth the investment.

AS by DF is proving this...this Spring.

It all started with anything in fashion and beauty, the perfect "what-if."

If Juicy Couture started with the perfect gym-lunch-errand-cocktail-lounge outfits that practically build a brand and a new clothing category that is making beaucoup bucks for health & style-conscious celebrities making the leap into athleisure wear, ("Cee Bee by Cheryl Burke & Calia by Carrie Underwood & Kate Hudson's Fabletic, Celebrities Jumping Into Athleisure." As by DF by Denise Focil is onto something, leather as everyday Comtemporary clothing, not just outerwear.

Designer Denise Focil had one goal 15 years ago when she started designing; to make the perfect leather jacket.

“Leather is my passion, my craft. I am obsessed with the sensuality & touch of leather. My pieces are all about emotion. My goal was always to make the leather jacket of your dreams.”

Her attention to crafting the perfect leather jacket over fifteen years, has expanded the possibilities of leather that very few can materialize.

Just in time for Spring, leather for Easter?  Leather in pastel powder pink, just like the powder pastel palettes from the "Cinderella" movie. Yes!

Motorcross tailoring re-done as a sweater in powder pastel pink?  Yes.

A motorcross leather vest in the same powder pastel pink? Yes.

Because it's leather and the styling, the knit, and tailoring are timeless, these powder pastel pink sweater and leather vest aren't Easter one-hit wonders.  These pieces that you can wear the heck out of many a times over Spring into Summer.  The new warm-weather classics.

Want to stand-out among the herd? Hunting for that next holiday investment piece?

Think of the not-your-usual suspects-but-very much-neglected Valentine's/Christmas/New Year's Eve pieces, laser-cut lace, light-weight leather tank, shift dress, and mini-circle skirt.

Obviously, the red laser-cut lace red leather tank is a gateway to the more advanced dress and skirt.
Blasé about basic black?  The existing red Valentine's Day dresses looking tacking in cheap knit and lace. Not wise investments or boring basics?

Pure red is the new primary color basic, especially in light-weight leather.  The laser-cut lace filigree only makes traditionally macho leather more feminine-friendly yet so dangerously chic!

Laser-Cut Lace Filigree Red Leather Shift Dress beats your boring Little Black Dress back to your closet.

The Red Laser-Cut Lace Leather Tank Top can dress up your jeans in a nano-second.

The Red Laser-Cut Lace Leather Mini-Circle Skirt is an adorable way to dress your basic white tank top.

Pair both the Red Laser-Cut Lace Leather Mini-Circle Skirt with the matching Red Laser-Cut Lace Leather Tank Top makes another darling Valentine's Day outfit or a "Taylor Swift-sque Girl Power" Spring outfit beating out the cliche cotton eyelet dress.

Red Lace Leather pumps fresh blood into your wardrobe.

The other neutral is, well, beige or what most men call khaki.

In light-weight leather, beige isn't "vanilla boring" nor "khaki drab."  Treating leather as a clothing fabric makes it hip.

Making leather light-weight then doing it in neutral Beige makes it fresh yet a new year-around clothing staple.

There will always be hip girls, to some degree, in any town or city claiming style creed, aren't you hearing this Charleston Fashion Week?

Hips girls and women can eye one singular piece than work the heck out of it for weeks, months, and years.  Shoot, she can spot several key pieces then pull them together for a smashing look that lasts for years, defining an era or a decade.  That is true style.

For instant hip, pull together a beige motorcycle leather jacket with the new classic black leather skinny jeans for a bad girl-gone-sophisticated look.

Treat the new beige leather motocross vest or the new beige leather knot weave as the new tank top, you can pair with a flirty skirt or with hip cool jeans.

How to incorporate this new basic leather into your wardrobe beyond Winter and jackets?

Easy, just use the humble camisole in basic black, lipstick red, and neutral beige as your foundation to build upon.  You can switch them up with all sorts of jeans; and you'll get a fresh everyday look that carries you through Spring, Summer, Fall, then Winter.

Dressed up with costume jewelry, you'll get quickie, easy glam with these leather camisoles.

Rather than spending frivolously on repetitive one-hit wonders for one holiday or one festival week or making do with reliable but drab knits and weaves in boring basics, make leather your new fashion friend year-around.  #HELLOLEATHER!

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