Monday, March 23, 2015

Grammy Do Over, "Music & Food Fed the Soul with Love & Happiness," at Soul Sundays at HOME 90210.

By Laura Medina

With the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip set to be demolished in the quick, near future, you gotta find your "Soul with Food" fix somewhere soon.

Well, it's the House of Music and Entertainment, "HOME 90210" for short, in the heart of prime Beverly Hills real estate on 430 N Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

Last Sunday, last night, was the start of their "Soul Sundays," when emerging performers and acts in R&B, Blues, Soul, and Funk rock it out like Jimi Hendrix, electrifying diners to jump up on their feet to dance, jam, and groove.

In other words, you will lose weight because you can't help but get up and dance.

If you all are peeved you're not part of the Grammys to enjoy "Food & Music Feed the Soul." The Theme of Grammy 2015," (, then Soul Sundays at HOME 90210 is the general public's chance for a do-over when top-notch performers belt out tunes then, might join you for dinner, just like Grammy Week.

But HOME 90210 goes way beyond being a mere dance club and the folks, behind it, are music industry folks who want to show respect by offering a decent venue with fine dining version of Down-Home cuisine, decent enough to fed the soul.

On Soul Sundays, which started last night on March 22nd then finishes on May 17th, they offer fine dining-level comfort-food appetizers, enough to fuel your soul, spicy and crunch Buffalo Hot Wings, the current trendy food-Truffle Fries then the piece de resistance, White Chocolate Bread Pudding, great for both dessert then breakfast.

On other nights, they can do Chicken & French Toast, Maine Lobster Tartar /Santa Barbara Uni, Scallops/Shortrib Raviolis, Wild Striped Bass/Lobster Hash, and Saffron/Linguini, consisting of  Shrimp, scallop, fin fish and baby arugula finished with a seafood lobster Nage...then again the menu is subject to change at any moment.

Don't worry about gaining weight,'ll burn off those calories when HOME 90210's top-notch performers get you jumping up on your feet.

Like when Motown singer and performer and Grammy Nominated Producer/Songwriter Vincent Berry did classic Al Green's "Love & Happiness," diners can't help but stop eating to  join Mr. Berry belting out old school Motown.

HOME 90210 goes beyond rehashing the R&B classics, this supper club is also a showcase for what's hot in the R&B industry.

Thanks to Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson, funk is making a come-back, revitalized with African-Americans taking over metal/hard rock where Jimi Hendrix had left off; and it's re-emerging with the likes of Grammy Nominated Artist B. Slade.  He did "Fiesta" with the legendary Sheila E.

Boy! If you want to talk about a work-out, have B. Slade rock the stage.  That will finish off those spicy and crunchy Buffalo Hot Wings with Truffle Fries.

Mind you, Soul Sundays at HOME 90210 isn't going to be every Sunday where you can take it for granted.  The next Soul Sunday will on Easter Sunday on April 5th then onto May 3rd then it wraps up on May 17th.

The restaurant opens up at 7pm.  The opening act happens around 8:30pm then the headliner hits the stage around 9:30pm.

How's that for a Sunday night?! 

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