Friday, March 27, 2015

Casper Mattress' Midnight Party with Warren G., Up in the Hollywood Hills.

By Laura Medina

There's Olde Hollywood.  There's Young Hollywood consisting of tween and teen Nickledeon and ABC Family then there's Current Hollywood, today's hottest and hautest hotties in their twenties to thirties.

One of Current Hollywood, Ashton Kutcher, is one of the investors in this mail-direct mattress company, Casper Mattresses.

Like anything Millennials, they prefer shopping and buying anything online versus actually trying it out in a store to be certain it's the right fit.

Who cares?  These Millennial celebrity investors certainly know how to throw a bash...through midnight...for a mattress.

Who cares if you need sleep to look beautiful and be mentally alert.  It's not every night you enjoy a backyard banquet of a BBQ under the stars, in the Hollywood Hills, overlooking the sleepy Sunset Strip.

Since Ashton Kutcher is a good friend, his "This '70's Show," friends, Laura Prepon and Danny Masterson showed up in full support.  Former "Gossip Girl," Chace Crawford and hipster photographer, Cobrasnake, brought additional squads of Millennial Hollywood Glam, who had no intention of sleeping through...

Hip-Hop artist Warren G.'s midnight run performance in a Hollywood Hills bungalow that is now the coolest mattress showroom/party pad for Current Hollywood.

Sure, Casper Mattress may not be your old-fashion mattress showroom/store but things have calmed down.  Using sleep as an health aide, Casper Mattress' Hollywood Hills showroom is more of a lifestyle showroom where nowadays, it hosts free yoga classes to wind you down.

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