Thursday, November 13, 2014

Toms for Target where Everybody Gets Fed, along side Jennifer Garner & Jessica Alba.

By Laura Medina

Last night at The Book Bindery event venue in the heart of Culver City, California, Target officially threw a launch party for their holiday collaboration, limited-edition Toms for Target,  the altruistic slip-on shoe and eye wear brand.

Target was always attracted to Toms' goodheartedness.  Toms' philosophy is simple.  For every shoe they sell, they donate a pair of shoes to a needy kid.  Now, that they expanded into another area with equal need, eyewear.  For example, now that they're selling fashionable eyewear.  For every pair of glasses, Toms simply donated a pair of eyeglasses to kid who needs them.  Simple as that.

Toms' simple equation of charity built the foundation for their holiday collection for Target.  For every article of clothing sold, they donate a blanket.  For every homewear sold, they donate a meal.

The clothing collection among the collaboration is as wholesome, cozy, and straight-forward as its mentality.  A pared-down essentials of chambray shirts, ponchos, hoodies, and coffee mugs and of course, can't forget the slip-on sneakers.

Good-hearted celebrities showed their support and good fortunate by modeling the collection, before anyone else, at the launch party.  Each celebrity took the collection then adopted to their own individual style.

Sarah Hyland modeled the entire women's collection, the sweatshirt, the chambray shirt underneath it and the slip-on sneakers.

Jennifer Garner added the TOMS for Target T-Shirt and bracelets to her Hipster Mom outfit of dark denim jeans and navy blazer.

Jessica Alba, another example of Mommy Chic, simply chic toted a Toms for Target clutch.

Ali Fedotowsky  of E!, modeled the poncho that equates one meal for a needy person.

But, let's really get down to what we're want...the yummy party.

The party's theme was down-to-earth and cozy to match the collection.

People and their kids feasted on comforting Mac n' Cheese and the healthier alternative, Saffron Rice Pilaf with raisins and vegetables.

The sleep hit at the party was the Lemonade Bar and the accompanying Hot Cocoa Bar.

The Lemonade Bar and the decadent Hot Cocoa Bar brought out the kid inside of us.  Both little and big kids guzzled down gourmand Rosemary Strawberry Lemonade and Basil Watermelon Lemonade.

But, this sweet-tooth scribe loved the Hot Cocoa Bar where the classic Hot Cocoa is the foundation for the building blocks of Mint-Chocolate Marshmallows and Brownie Marshmallows, Caramel Sauce, and Chocolate Shavings.  Remember, this is Target where even the most basic of pantry staples gets all fancy at reasonable prices.

The one thing that this scribe has failed to get on video and photo...the Candied Apple Bar...yummy.

Okay, they're apple slices on lollipop sticks but what an ingenious concept.  At the Candied Apple Bar, the "bartender" can and did dip your apple slices into either caramel sauce or dark chocolate sauce then he sprinkled whatever coating you want onto your apple: Multi-Colored Sprinkles, Chocolate Chips, chopped nuts, and crushed Graham Crackers.  

What's even better, the Hot Cocoa Bar and the Slice Candied Apple Bar are concepts that anyone can do for their own holiday party without breaking the bank and the supplies are attainable.

The Lemonade Bar is so right for Spring and Summer, keep it basic for the kids and add clear spirits like vodka, gin, and champagne for the big kids.  Again, easy, attainable, and affordable idea for home entertaining.

Actually, what got everybody going was a short concert by The Dawes...

You may be sore for missing out on the launch party but remember, it was a launch party on a Wednesday night.

You can participate in altruism while getting some holiday shopping done when the collection hits most Target stores this Sunday.  For every item bought from the collection, somebody will get a blanket and meal.

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