Friday, November 28, 2014

Past, Present, Future, Film Noir...Marisa Romanov

By Laura Medina

Rafael Zubizarreta as one of the lead characters, Leo the Crime Writer.

"Marisa Romanov," an upcoming Sci-Fi/Film Noir will satisfy your mature, stylized Sci-Fi cravings.

 Creator/Director/Showrunner, Miranda Spigener-Sapon

Sprung from the brain of creator/director/showrunner, Miranda Spigener-Sapon, this sophisticated Neo-Noir/Crime-Drama/Fantasy, jumps from the Film Noir of the Forties in Hollywood and Russia to present day.

It all starts when crime writer, Leo, sets it in motion.  When he started writing about his fictional character, super spy Marisa Romanov, he brings her to life then starts off a chain of events that occurs between the Forties to today.

Rafael Zubizarreta plays Leo.

Kate Orsini as the title character, Marisa Romanov.

Kate Orsini plays the title character, Russian spy and the object of Leo's obsession , Marisa Romanov.

Here, Kate wears a black, satin cocktail dress by Girl Talk Clothing by Amber Amanda,  The fashion brand's mission statement, "Fashion Forward Meets Vintage with a Modern Twist," befits the setting and the style of the series and the title character. 

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