Friday, November 28, 2014

Laura Byrna, Bird of Paradise. The Holiday Edition.

By Laura Medina

Country singer, Laura Bryna with her two loves, birds & Roberto Cavalli.

It's only lately that country singers, mostly women, who are finally getting acknowledgement...and outfits from trendy fashion designers but Laura Bryna beat them to the chase first.

Laura has three loves: singing, birds, and Roberto Cavalli.

What most people don't know is that Laura Bryna is his muse.

Laura doesn't just talk the talk on the red carpet. Nope, she wears his more contemporary ready-to-wear, everyday leather jackets and boots, just as she loves wearing his haute couture pieces on the carpet.  She's the real deal when it comes to wearing Roberto Cavalli.

That headlining photo, above, encapsulates it all.  Her Roberto Cavalli's "Bird of Paradise" eveningwear symbolizes and merges her loves into one piece, a feathered strapless gown with one of her "parrot" children.  Okay, it represents her wanting to become an exotic bird of paradise, because she also loves her parrots.

The theme of "Birds of Paradise" still runs through her other Roberto Cavalli gowns, such as this sequin number with feather plume trims.

Sure, one has to wear self-adhesive bra cups to secure one's breasts but the draping, the fit, and those feather plume trims, so heavenly.

It may not look like this in this article but both this scribe and Laura had a field day playing "dress up" in her fantasy closet.

She even accompanied Roberto Cavalli on the red carpet at The Met's Costume Gala.  Yes, the one chaired by Anna Wintour.

Laura Bryna, in her everyday Roberto Cavalli with one of her parrot "children."

Other than her love for Roberto Cavalli, is Laura's love for birds.  This is a photograph of her with her bird tree house in her bedroom, with one of her three parrot children.

This scribe notices that a majority of singers have an unusual liking for birds.  This scribe asked Laura "why?"

Laura grew up with birds, admiring their chirps and "singing."  Because of their love of singing and knowledge of notes, tones, and scales, it's natural that singers have an affinity for birds.

Of course, "pet parents" have rooms for their "pet children."  Laura Bryna is no different.

Every morning, she has a her "breakfast nook," a special "bird room" where she sits down, has her breakfast and "chat" with her "parrot children."

With a doubt, there's always a trouble-maker among a group of kids.  One of them is her cockatoo, Snuggles.  Plenty of personality, intelligence, and attitude, Snuggles followed his mom from bedroom to closet to his "bird room" to downstairs, in the kitchen then the foyer.  What a character!  She's writing about children's book on him, Snuggle Goes to Hollywood, literally.

This one of several "Holiday Specials" for this scribe's loyal readers,.. Laura Byrna, Bird of Paradise.

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