Monday, November 3, 2014

MAC's Halloween Treat for Their Loyal Fans at South Coast Plaza

By Laura Medina

Since this is the seventh and always wonderful time, covering MAC Cosmetics' elaborate debuts and launches, and the fourth time covering it at the elegant and one of the world's largest mall, South Coast Plaza, MAC always try to out-do itself each and every time..;and it never disappoints.

MAC's Senior Artist Cynthia Rivas said this current holiday collection, Heirloom Mix Collection was influenced by cameo jewelry, a carved, raised relief onto a soft gemstone or mostly, ivory as an emblem.  Still, there is a very Rococo/ Marie Antoinette-influence riding through the collection, from the intense pastels to the matte texture.  Last year's "Solid Gold" Holiday Collection/Celebration has been replaced by pearlized glitter,

MAC always does Halloween right, whether they're honoring Disney bad-asses, "Not just for Halloween, MAC's Venomous Villains let you vamp it up for the rest of the year." or the current Halloween, "A MAC Halloween, Transvestites from Transylvania, Black & White Marie Antoniettes, & Flappers-Oh My!" (this scribe would love for them to throw a "Rocky Horror" party).

With MAC mining historical moments and the accompanying styles and fashion of peculiar eras, MAC is always ripe for Halloween and fancy dress ideas, just follow this site to copy and guide for ideas.

This recent Halloween brunch, it's a treat for both the media and the loyal MAC fans and South Coast Plaza shoppers where everybody can get a MAC makeover.  Remember, MAC is universal.  It's for everyone.

While an army of MAC artists painted and dabbed the people in the current Heirloom Mix Collection, they were entertained by MAC's troupe of dancers/models on a glittering rotating stage.

New York Fashion Week may get the prestige and respect for being a straight-forward, direct-to-retail march up-and-down the runway with stoic faces, not to distract from the clothes.  

However, whenever Hollywood, ok...South Coast Plaza does a show, it really is a show-stopper.  The models just don't strut.  They're dancers as well.  This tradition runs strong through Macy's Glamorama to MAC's Heirloom Mix show and it's "Solid Gold" Holiday Show, last year, at The Grove.  Jaded New Yorkers would drop their jaws, like this scribe did.

It seems like every 40 minutes, on the minute, the dancers/models would strut then "vogue" a.k.a. "pose dancing" to Madonna's ode to voguing, the timeless, post-Modern, "Vogue" on a spinning, rotating circular platform dipped in crushed, pearlized glitter on a three-tiered "cake" draped in giant pearl necklaces.  This is Marie Antoinette gone 21st-Century, where is there both an African-American Marie and a more traditional Marie, remember MAC is for everyone.  Anyone can be Marie Antoinette.

There's another cool angle to MAC's Heirloom Mix.  They had their own "Cirque du Soliel" dancers, all-male dancers in unitard hoodies.  It's as though MAC hired the Blue Men Troupe then dipped them in pearlized glitter then ordered them to strut and lift the Rococo Prima Ballerinas in modified Robe a la Francaise turned frilly, square-neck, full-skirt, lace cocktail dresses in ebony black and creamy ivory.  Hmmm, dresses that this scribe was equally drooling over.
The shoppers, MAC fans, and media didn't care where the dancers/models came from.  For them, getting a jaw-dropping performance while getting the latest Heirloom Mix makeover by pampering MAC artists was the real Halloween that doesn't add calories to your hips.

This eye-candy that the real Marie Antoinette would happily devour.


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