Monday, November 17, 2014

Parker Dusseau, Tailored Activewear, Real Activewear for Men. Movember for Men & The Women Like Them.

By Laura Medina

Women, alright, females have a much easier, more flexible, and a more lax permission to fashion, especially when it comes to wearing fashion-forward yoga/activewear to the office and get a way with it.

Men, with decent, hip, and desirable jobs, can't get away with wearing comfortable yogawear to the office.  What a conundrum.

In honor of Movember, Men's Health Month, this scribe wants to prove there's more to November than Turkey Day; that this scribe cares about men; and men need to burn that Turkey Day stuffing efficiently, without changing into two sets of clothes.  As in, giving men the same fashion freedom that women assume as normal, activewear for the office.

The designers behind Parker Dusseau pondered about this too, stylish activewear for how men actually live, an actual lifestyle fashion catering to the real demands and needs when an healthy fitness lifestyle intersects with frugality and ecology meets stylish suits for an stylish job at a stylish office. Simply put, you're a stylish man biking to work in a creative job who doesn't want to change out of his t-shirt and bike tights into his second set of office clothes.  It is this time-consuming dilemma, men, with decent jobs, have to put up with; or they wear their constrictive, unbreathable, office clothes biking to work, only arrive at the office sweaty and uncomfortable.  Better yet, they might rip their expensive suits while biking.

The designers experiences those moments first-hand and aimed to do something about it.  This is how Parker Dusseau came about.

They combined the functionality of tradition biking clothing, the vents to evaporate sweat and reflective trims on traditional suit tailoring in highly improved and tech-revamped fabrics.

Their Men's Commuter Dress Shirt appears decisively normal but remember, it is the details that can make or break anything.

Look closer at the Slim fit, luxurious Turkish stretch cotton blend.  First of all, it's Turkish cotton that stretches and bends with you; and that's a big deal.  What's even cooler, it's quick dry and breathable, so you'll be actually be fresh when you arrive at the office.

What makes Parker Dusseau special is that they incorporate regular biking details into their dress shirts, trousers, and blazer.

Their Commuter Dress Shirt has clever-tailored stretch mesh-lined shoulder vent for ease of movement and better sweat-evaporation.

For safety reason, with these bikers getting run-over and killed or maimed, the Parker Dusseau designers are kind enough to cleverly sew in reflective band then turn them into reflective trim so drivers can spot them.  How kind.

The coolest thing ever, yet, to happen for men...and the tomboys who want to "borrow & steal,"  it's a jacket disguised as a blazer, Commuter Blazer - Navy.

The perfect intersection of form and function, fashion and performance. An unstructured, fully seam bound jacket, we updated the silhouette, shrunk the lapel and added details like Italian snap hardware in functional sleeve plackets and welt pockets secured with performance locking pull tab zippers. 

This sensible scribe loves generous inside pockets and wish more womenwear designers would manufacture more but still has no problem with "borrowing from the boys."  She loves that the outside welt pockets are zippered like clever little purses for girls or really cool wallets for boys.

Since this is an outerwear clothing, the blazer collar has a reflective band sewn into it.

Commuter Chino, revamped and reworked. With our four way stretch Italian cotton / nylon blended fabric, slim fitting cut and technical features, these may be the most comfortable, stylish and useful pair of chinos you'll ever own. Details include a long lasting DWR (durable water repellent) finish, reflective welt rear pocket flaps, performance zippers and a gunmetal tack button. Pair it with the Commuter Blazer for that big client meeting or roll it solo with our Commuter Dress Shirt - whatever the case, this could be the only pair of chinos you'll ever need. 

Again, this scribe loves that they pipe the back rear pocket flaps with reflective trim on the butt where drivers can see you, especially in dawn's early light and dusk's early night. 

Golly gee, with all this "form meets function meets fashion," when will Parker Dusseau start designing for preppy tomboy women who also bike to work? 

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