Wednesday, November 5, 2014, "Style is How You Live Your Life." I Wear My Yoga Clothes Everywhere But Yoga.

By Laura Medina

At a recent Refinery29's book launch party, a quaint cocktail/Happy Hour affair at TenOverSix on Melrose Avenue, one of the editors for Refinery29 informed this style-savvy scribe that Refinery29 has grown up beyond just clothes you wear on your body.  Style is how you live your life, which brings up...

How this busy but style-seeking scribe is living her life now, combining fitness without sacrificing function or being fabulous.

Yes, this scribe is one of those (mostly Westside) yoga-ladies who need to dash from fitness class to event to hitting the road for a travel assignment, hopefully reviewing another fitness resort or retreat...or dinner party.  This is how this scribe lives her life, her style...

 Black Lululemon Sleeveless Tank Overlap Neckline Running/Yoga Top in a Size 12.

While the majority of fashion bloggers shop "thrift" or "vintage,"  this style scribe is realistic about her life.  She shops Lululemon or Athleta for her fast-pace life.  She needs functional but hip pieces for living in the fast lane, performance wear for an high-performance  life.

This style scribe discovered this gem while shopping at her local Brentwood Lululemon store during the Dog Days of Summer, a sweat-evaporating, light-weight, cool black sleeveless wrap top with a drape v-neck, dipping low enough to flash your gold necklace while swinging it at nightclubs and rock clubs.  It was a hit from Lucky Rice Food Festival to an intimate industry Interscope Label party in the remote reaches of Malibu.  It's light-weight, wrinkle-proof fabric makes it breeze for travel by just bunching it up in a ball, toss it into an overnight carry-on then jet-jaunting to the next stop...Miami...Manhattan...perhaps?

 Black & White Stripe Cool Racerback Tank.

Another Summer Staple this scribe subsisted on during the sweltering days of Summer, this classic, Nautical-theme Cool Racerback Tank in perfectly-sized and spaced Black and White Stripes, of course, from Lululemon, Brentwood.

This has proven to be the ideal Summer tank. Sweat-wicking and comfortably form-fitting, this tank can rock with old-fashion yoga pants at the fitness class then swap with a pair of wide-legged, dark denim Sailor Jeans for a classy Summer look then switched on over with a pair of skinny jeans and boots for an edgier look.  So many outfits have been built on this striped racerback tank.  Speaking of a foundation piece...

Denim Wunder Under Yoga Pants.

Since Fall arrived, we yearn for taller, studier boots which makes skinny jeans and leggings essential for sliding into those tall boots.

Can't think of anything better than Lululemon's Denim Wunder Under High-Waisted Yoga Pants.  Think of the simplicity, you arriving to yoga/pilates/whatever fitness class in the classic Black & White Cool Racerback Tank and these Denim Wunder Under Yoga Pants; and all you have to do is slip off your boots.  Easy in.  Easy off.

Love Tees.

As cooler weather approaches,  we're swapping out our skimpy tank tops for still breathable tees that gracefully drape our figures while delicately draping over our bottoms, again great and easy pairing with the Denim Wunder Under Yoga Pants...and boots, "High Heel Waterproof Boots, Timberland for Women. Strut Without Slipping."  

 Radiant Top.

As the weather gets chiller and the holidays ring closer, we crave something cozy that is equally elegant.  This scribe wore the cream Radiant Top (yes, by Lululemon) to a French tasting party and didn't skip a beat.  She topped the cream Radiant Top with an ebony cameo necklace while you can drape pearl necklaces for the black Radiant Top for low-key eveningwear.

Come to think of it, each clothing piece can be rolled up, bunching up in a ball, and casually toss into a carry-on for a holiday get-away without a second thought.  Intentionally built for post-yoga cover-ups, they're a great dash-and-go wardrobe.

This is how this style scribe rolls.

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