Monday, March 3, 2014

Goodies from Oscar 2014 Week's Style & Beauty Suites.

By Laura Medina

At the Ultra Gold Oscar Gifting Suite on a very rainy Thursday, "Cayman Heat's" star, Pete Freeland was asked why celebrities are attracted to attending style, beauty, and gifting suites during Awards Season.  He said he likes discovering new items, products, and innovations before they hit the market.

The Oscar "Care Package" at ROGER NEAL STYLE HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY & COUTURE SUITE CELEBRATING THE 86th ACADEMY AWARDS, is typically of the origins of the Awards Show Style and Beauty Suites where actors get last-minute, intense groom and polish before they set foot on the red carpet and the stage. 

Since then, it has morphed into a glitzy and fun "test market" where celebrities and media, such as this scribe, are the lucky few and first to test-drive these new products and releases before they hit the market, think of us as glamorous guinea pigs for the general public.  Penny Marshall and Pete Freeland, again, checked the latest in high-tops at Ultra Gold Oscar Gifting Suite.

An Awards Show style, beauty, and gifting suite can actually benefit a defunct bar, nightclub, or restaurant, such as the case with Eco Oscar 2014 Gifting Suite holding court at the shut-down Bar 210 at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills.

Perhaps, it's the changed in location but the ambiance and the selection is different.  The selection may be narrower but the quality is more focused and the theme is united...

The theme is leather, not the thick cowhide armor but the stretch, lightweight, livable lambskin jeans, skirts, and motorcycle jackets from L.A. + JO and the more durable and salvageable leather luggage and bags from WILL Leather Goods.

Daphne Wayans test-driving a new clothing line with special belt-in technology.

Another trend, sleeker and slimmer overalls and eveningwear jumpsuits...

The race in who's the purest of the pure in mineral makeup has been pushed by Youngevity Mineral Makeup and Skincare, making its official debut at Eco Oscars 2014 Gifting Suite where celebrities are more than happy to be guinea pigs for beauty...and fashion.  Youngevity Mineral Makeup has the purest and the least amount of ingredients of makeup on the market.

This beautiful heart-shaped bottle of Corazon Maya Tequila tells the story of how it's processed, double-cut to reveal the "heart" of the agave plant to get the purest tequila manageable.  The least-distilled has a pure and clean taste and texture to it while the older-distilled versions have a darker, sweeter, and stronger taste and feel to them.

Never feel bad about not sampling the newest and latest at the Awards Season's gifting suites, yet.  They'll hit the market soon, so the general public can enjoy them too.

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